Accelerator Program Consultancy

Helping to select and develop successful business ideas

Our service is designed to supercharge your corporate accelerator program, ensuring it becomes a driving force behind startup success within your organization. We understand the complexities of growing startups in a corporate environment and have developed a complete solution to address every way of this journey. This service acts as a strategic roadmap, combining expert guidance, tailored resources, and ongoing support to optimize your accelerator program’s impact in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Service Details

Program Enhancement Strategies

Collaboratively assess and optimize your accelerator program’s structure, goals, and offerings.

Tailor the program to meet the specific needs of startups within your corporate ecosystem.

Startup Selection Criteria Refinement

Refine the criteria for selecting startups, ensuring precise alignment with your corporate objectives.

Choose startups that fit your industry and strategically align with your long-term corporate goals.

Mentorship and Networking Enrichment

Identify and engage a diverse network of experienced mentors who can provide invaluable guidance to your selected startups. 

Expand networking opportunities within your corporate ecosystem to create lasting connections and synergies.

Program Marketing and Attraction Strategies

Develop and execute effective marketing strategies to attract high-potential startups to your accelerator program.

Craft compelling messaging that highlights the unique benefits your program offers, setting it apart in the competitive landscape.

Customized Program Resources

Tailor available resources, including workspace, technology, and infrastructure, to meet the evolving needs of startups.

Ensure startups have access to essential tools and facilities required to accelerate their growth within your corporate environment.

Investor Engagement and Funding Facilitation

Facilitate connections between startups and potential investors within your extensive corporate network.

Provide comprehensive support to startups in securing the necessary funding to fuel their growth and innovation.

Demo Day Excellence

Prepare startups to excel during demo days and pitch events, which serve as critical milestones in their journey.

Offer assistance in creating presentations that captivate potential investors and resonate with corporate stakeholders.

Post-Acceleration Success Planning

Develop a comprehensive post-acceleration roadmap for startups to ensure a smooth transition into corporate collaboration or independent operation.

Continuously monitor and support startups to ensure they continue their journey toward long-term success, whether within or beyond your corporate environment.

International Expansion Support

Assist startups in expanding their operations globally, leveraging your corporate network and international expertise.

Navigate the complexities of entering new markets and establish a global presence.

Legal and Compliance Guidance

Provide startups with legal and compliance support to navigate the intricacies of corporate environments.

Ensure startups operate within the legal framework of your industry.

Corporate-Startup Collaboration Facilitation

Act as a bridge between startups and corporate teams to facilitate effective collaboration.

Ensure that innovations developed within the accelerator program seamlessly integrate into your corporate operations.

Benefits of Comprehensive Consultancy

⦁ Optimize your accelerator program to growing startups for success.
⦁ Ensure startups selected align with your corporate objectives and stay ahead of industry trends.
⦁ Provide startups with access to experienced mentors who can navigate the complexities of the corporate landscape.
⦁ Expand the network of startups and corporate connections, creating a dynamic ecosystem.
⦁ Tailor resources to meet the evolving and unique needs of startups.
⦁ Facilitate investor engagement and funding opportunities to accelerate startup growth.
⦁ Plan for and support the continued growth and success of startups within or beyond your corporate environment.
⦁ Foster diversity and inclusion, enhancing innovation through different perspectives.
⦁ Support startups in international expansion and legal compliance.
⦁ Facilitate seamless collaboration between startups and your corporate teams, ensuring innovation integration.

Our Offers

We enable you to support scalable startups and raise successful and visionary entrepreneurs.

We support you to make the right connections for your entrepreneurs by reaching out to all institutions and organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We work with you to keep you abreast of technology and startups.

We organize trainings and seminars tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and show them the right way to develop their products and services.
We bring your entrepreneurs together with expert mentors, experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and key stakeholders of the Turkish startup ecosystem.

By addressing your corporate culture and entrepreneurship culture together, we determine the most appropriate culture and strategy for your company structure together with you and enable you to cooperate with startups in this focus.

By conveying the importance of entrepreneurship in the best way, we adopt this culture to the whole company. We provide you with all the support that entrepreneurs need with our large team.

Considering your company culture, we ensure that the startup is supported in accordance with this culture. We meet all the needs of entrepreneurs with our 360-degree training range covering the investment ecosystem.

Thanks to the seminars to be held with experienced entrepreneurs, we transfer the experiences of entrepreneurs to you and enable you to see the ecosystem, its benefits and the processes that may cause problems from different perspectives in the best way.

We equip the Entrepreneur with the necessary tools to grow and achieve commercial success as quickly as possible.
With these tools, Entrepreneurs can overcome the problems they face during growth, make strategic decisions faster and more accurately, and reach potential customers and investors more easily.

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