AloTech raised an investment of $3 million in a new investment round led by Collective Spark

Cloud-based call center platform AloTech announced that it has received a $3 million investment in a new investment round led by Collective Spark.

Turkey’s largest cloud-based call center platform, AloTech, received an investment of 3 million dollars in a new investment round led by Collective Spark. With this investment, AloTech aims to strengthen its global operations, which have already reached 27 countries, especially in the North American market.
AloTech, which started its activities in 2012 with a team of five people founded by Cenk Soyak and İdris Avcı and joined by KorhanErçin in 2019, now serves more than 600 customers with 102 employees from different countries of the world.
Leading names of the industry such as NevzatAydın, Ata Uzunhasan and one of the Mediterra Capital partners Cenk Coşkuntürk have invested in AloTech so far.

Together with TechOne VC, angel investors NevzatAydın (for the second time), Alp Saul, GalipSelçuk and KerimKotan joined this new round, in which Collective Spark is the biggest investor. Closing 2020 with 100 percent growth compared to the previous year, AloTech plans to increase its effectiveness in global markets with the Call Center Studio brand, together with the investment it has received.
AloTech Co-Founder Cenk Soyak; “As Turkey’s largest cloud-based call center platform, from the day we were founded, we have aimed to be a company that exports technology abroad and develops new generation solutions. With this approach, we increased our strength in the global arena every year and started to serve in 27 countries. Now, with the3 million dollars investment we have received in our new investment round, we aim to increase our effectiveness and reach new geographies in the global markets where we currently operate, especially in North America. This investment is also a part of our vision to become a technology unicorn from Turkey opening to the world. We would like to thank our customers, business partners, and all our teammates behind our success, who have enabled us to come to these days as we move towards this goal.”

Soyak; “With this perspective, while diversifying and developing our products and services, we also attach great importance to work with experienced names from Turkey and abroad. We will continue to expand our team with our new teammates who will take part in our overseas structuring, following our senior executives who have recently joined us. With our location-independent working system, all of our employees will have the opportunity to pursue a career in a global environment.”


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