Ankara-based Artifica; completed its seed round with the investments of Startupfon, Atanova Ventures and DOMiNO Ventures!

Artifica handles data analysis for e-commerce businesses because of the infrastructure for artificial intelligence. It has grown and now makes sure that incorrectly categorized and identified products are found and automatically reorganized.

Artifica was founded in March 2022 by Sadi Gürsoy and Tuncay Elvanağaç at Hacettepe Teknokent. The e-commerce sector has a great place in the development of the country’s economies, especially after COVID-19. The current market volume of the e-commerce sector is $5.54 billion and this volume is expected to be $7,40 Billion by 2025. Consumer satisfaction is of great importance for the sustainability of growth. It is observed that the problem has become widespread with the increase of players in the sector, and it is observed that the complaints of platform providers regarding this problem increase due to the increasing number of products.

The greatest value proposition offered by Artifica is to ensure that customers have access to correct information and to prevent the loss of time caused by defective advertisements. Artifica will also develop artificial intelligence technology in the future; plans to offer next shopping forecasting, price optimization and various data processing services. In this way, it will support the accelerated growth of a sector that will develop the digital economy.

In addition to the customer pool in the e-commerce sector, Artifica is also positioned in the data integration market. In addition to the $11.6 Billion volume reached by the data integration market in 2021, it is observed that the share of the trade sector in the market is around $2.3 Billion. Considering the size of the market and its growth potential, the market in which Artifica is planned to be positioned is considered the right choice.

While Artifica aims to expand its team and apply the software they have developed to a wider product range after the investment, Artifica plans to serve primarily in Turkey and then to global markets by speeding up its integration efforts with e-commerce software providers.

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