Artificial intelligence-based advanced analytics platform, which aims to increase meeting mood and effective communication, raised $400K., which aims to increase efficiency for the remote and hybrid working environments of the new era, raised $400K., which focuses on human resources, analyzes meetings using artificial intelligence, makes corporate resources more meaningful in the new era for companies with the remote and hybrid working model, and transforms them into a more positive and human-centric company structure for employees, raised $400K in the investment round attended by prominent investors such as TechOne VC, m]x[v Capital, DormRoomFund, and Techstars.

“ creates 48 different interaction metrics per second with 19 custom-developed artificial intelligence models”

After the break-out of the pandemic, online meetings and video conferences have become a part of our lives. 72% of companies have decided to continue most of their business online. In the business world, the face-to-face working model is a thing of the past. In the new order, if employees are no longer satisfied with their jobs, they can interview with many different companies and change jobs within a few weeks. Moreover, in the new order, they do not have to change their home, their children’s school, and their social circles. For this reason, companies now have to understand the mood of their employees more instantly and know their satisfaction with their work environment. creates 48 different interaction metrics per second with 19 artificial intelligence models developed in-house. With, companies can make their future plans accordingly by getting feedback from their employees every day, instead of a survey held every 6-12 months. is committed to moving forward with strategic partnerships, which has been serving many different company structures since its foundation, is establishing corporate partnerships with these companies and offers them many different usage areas in line with their demands. Increasing communication outcomes of teams to build a healthier team culture and company sentiment, increasing productivity by leveraging insights into how to improve meetings, reducing churn by increasing inclusivity and employee loyalty, creating a quantifiable-trackable emotional memory for your company to find what works and doesn’t work across company-wide decisions and policies, tracking teams on a daily/weekly basis to provide micro-pivots for teams that are struggling. Towards this vision, has attracted the attention of companies such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, and will continue to prepare its models to be used in the application markets of these companies. co-founders, Furkan Eris and Burak Aksar, believe that by serving the platforms where data is kept in the corporate space, will enable C-level, managers, and employees to interact more effectively in the remote and hybrid workspace by measuring their mood. In this way, companies with a hybrid work program will be able to adapt to the new order and become more human-centric companies.


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