Atlas Space, which enables realistic business and social events for companies with its Metaverse raised an investment from Startupfon and Techone VC.

The Metaverse startup Atlas Space raised its first investment from Startupfon, Techone VC, and AFM.

Atlas Space, which Burçin Gürbüz and Pınar Öncü are co-founders, aims to solve problems such as lack of social interaction, lack of internal communication and inefficiency, which are seen as the main problems of the concept of working from home, is expected to be on the rise and forecasted to be permanent, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The rapid adaptation of the Metaverse concept to daily life, which has become increasingly popular, especially in the last period indicates that it will affect every area of ​​our lives and has accelerated the ventures and investments in this field. Organizations and events are started to be planned over the virtual world. At this point, Atlas Space, with the Metaverse it has developed, allows realistic business and non-business social activities for companies. Since the Atlas Space Metaverse integrated VR/AR technology customers can customize according to their desires and it can fully meet the needs of the companies and does not lose the sense of innovation by getting rid of the monotony. Atlas Space, which has its blockchain network and tokenomics system, manages to differentiate itself from similar projects in terms of providing ‘real-life utility’ thanks to the NFT market. Users can express themselves accurately and comfortably with the three-dimensional avatars they create themselves.

The Metaverse market, which reached a volume of 209.77 Billion USD in 2021, promises a great future when factors such as the development of new technologies and the change in user habits are considered. Projections predict that the Metaverse market will reach a volume of 1.5 Trillion USD by 2030. In addition to the Metaverse market, the ‘decentralized’ economic system, which is on the rise, shows that popular technologies such as Web3, NFT, and Blockchain will increase the popularity, development, and market volume significantly in the coming period.

Atlas Space aims to achieve success on the way to global growth by expanding its team with the seed investment it has raised. Today, the transformation of different sectors with the concept of Metaverse lays a solid foundation for Atlas Space’s growth targets. Atlas Space wants to expand its team with competent and professional employees while expanding to the global market and wants to continue its work quickly after investment. Atlas Space, which will be positioned in the market as a US-based company with the investment they have raised, aims to be one of the important players in the Metaverse by applying global sales and marketing strategies along with product development process.

Gülsüm Çıracı from Startupfon and Techone VC Fund Managing Partners Mustafa Kopuk and Yiğit Arslan said, “We believe in the Atlas Space team and the work they offer, based on the support of ventures in the Metaverse market, which has started to touch every aspect of our lives, and preparing to take place in the daily life with each passing day, and continues to shape our future“ and also said that they invest, based on the serious success stories.


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