Brandefense, the digital risk protection platform for the world’s most reputable brands, raised $600,000

Brandefense, a cyber security and security company that delivers digital risk protection to major brands, has closed its first round of investment.

Brandefense, which focuses on cyber security, provides the potential to protect a cyber risk before it occurs or quickly after it occurs, primarily for governments, enterprises, and administrators who are monitoring digital threats. In an investment round led by TechOne VC, which included Finberg, Brandefense raised $600,000.

Brandefense analyzes the dark web and the open internet to safeguard your brand and reputation.

By thoroughly scanning the internet and then evaluating the data it collects, Brandefense reduces the hazards that users will face. Users of Brandefense learn about past or possible data leaks from Brandefense rather than newspaper headlines. Brandefense provides continuous and real-time intelligence. It makes false positive extraction and tries to solve its clients’ time/effort problem by utilizing Machine Learning and analyst powers to their full potential. Additionally, Brandefense provides company-specific data leak intelligence by constantly monitoring hundreds of data sources within the scope of threat intelligence, as well as automatic discovery of the company’s internet-open attack surface and assessment of potential risks within the scope of attack surface analysis. It focuses on threats and enhances them with solution ideas within the framework of its integrated security interface.

“We aim to scale in the MENA region”

Brandefense plans to reach out to enterprises in the MENA region that deal with finance, defense, production, and e-commerce with its new investment round. “We started serving in the last quarter of 2019, and in 2021, we started monitoring more than 130 companies on the Darkweb with Brandefense,” We are currently collaborating with governments, key organizations, and major corporations in four different nations. Hundreds of cyber cases were illuminated last year thanks to the intelligence inputs we provided. At the same time, in the bulk of cyber security situations that made headlines in Turkey, we were the product that provided the most precise information and solution to customers” one of the co-founders Caner Köroğlu, said.
Brandefense monitors cyber attackers all around the world and keeps its customers one step ahead, according to Hakan Eryavuz, one of the co-founders. “We will soon reveal our new solutions that will answer the difficulties of cyber security teams in everyday life,” Eryavuz added, continuing his speech by detailing his innovative product aims. He noted that the team has grown tremendously and that the company’s main goal for the coming year is to safeguard more worldwide brands with new solutions.


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