Co-one with a valuation of €4.2 M has received its first investment.

Founded in 2021, Estonia-based Co-one is an AI-based data tagging service, completed its seed investment round led by Maxis Innovative Fund.

Founded in 2021 by A. Arman Kayhan and Mert Menekşe, Co-one provides the labelled data service needed by artificial intelligence companies, focuses on accurate and reliable disclosure.

With its Annotation Management Dashboard, Co-one provides data labelling processes for firms to manage their data, while the Kovan App allows more than 3500 users to generate income while tagging data to provide the opportunity.

Seed investment round led by Maxis Innovation Fund also involved, TechOne VC, Lima Ventures, DOMiNO Ventures, Leap Investment and Emrah Gültekin CEO of Chooch AI along with Investment Banker Siret Ünsal. 

In 2021, under the leadership of TRAngels; Invested at a valuation of 1.35 million dollars and during this period Co-one, which increased its monthly data labelling volume 20 times in 2022, will grow 9 times in 2022 and continues to contribute to the artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Co-one already serving more than 35 companies has managed to gain its first customers in the European market and plans to expand on this. The company plans to, with the seed investment they received, develop its products and grow its team by implementing its strategies, aims to have an important role in the European artificial intelligence market. In line with this plan, Co-One wants to democratize data tagging and bring artificial intelligence to a quality that can serve humanity.

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