Corporate Innovation Program Consultancy

Supporting to innovation program of your corporate

We build your corporate innovation culture together from zero and work with you to keep up to date with technology and startups. We ensure that you build and develop this culture by integrating entrepreneurship into your entire workflow within the organization. We support you to make the right connections for your entrepreneurs by reaching out to all institutions and organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
We build the foundations of your entrepreneurship culture for the organization by organizing trainings and seminars tailored to the needs of your teams. We serve as a bridge for you and your employees with expert mentors, experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and key stakeholders of Turkey’s startup ecosystem, enabling you to better understand entrepreneurship.
We work with you to determine the most appropriate culture and strategy for your company structure by addressing your corporate culture and entrepreneurship culture together.
As the most important way to create a successful corporate innovation culture, we ensure that managers understand and adopt this culture in the best way possible.

Our Values


One on One Mentoring


Business And Revenue Model Analysis


Detailed Competitor and Market Analysis


Legal, Tax and Finance Support


Networking Support


Incorporation Process Support


Investment Process Support


More than 100 Corporate Partners

Our Offers

We offer all our connections, strategic collaborations, operational knowledge and experience to your use.

While providing pieces of training for the adoption of the corporate innovation culture, we organize interviews with investors and entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

We work shoulder to shoulder with you and internal entrepreneurs to create and adopt a corporate innovation culture.

We determine the pieces of training and seminars suitable for the needs of the company and entrepreneurs and follow their development before and after productization.

We make valuable contributions to you with the largest investment team in the ecosystem and our wide partner network.

In the Idea Stage Processes of Startups

⦁ One-on-one consultancy and weekly mentoring meetings for entrepreneurs from the idea stage to incorporation and beyond
⦁ Direct access to over 100 Partners, Programs, Companies and Investors
⦁ Access to over 30,000 startups
⦁ Program-specific Brand and Marketing Strategy Consultancy
⦁ Support in selecting startup ideas
⦁ Creating program-specific templates
⦁ Creating a target tracking, progress tracking and scoring model for startups
⦁ Ensuring cooperation with institutions and organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem
⦁ Detailed Market Research and Competitor Analysis support
⦁ Creating a target tracking, progress tracking and scoring model for startups,
⦁ Investor presentation, cash flow, lean canvas, financial projection, one pager, metric and KPI tracking documents and more, access to the documentation repository.

In the Incorporation Processes of Startups

⦁ Suggesting the most accurate scenario about role distribution/share sharing,
⦁ Making financial forecasts and establishing follow-up mechanisms,
⦁ Giving suggestions and support on the incorporation process in which country and in what structure, according to the sector, business model, target market and legal structure of the company, in which the project serves,
⦁ Determining the income model and payment infrastructure, taking into account the country of establishment of the company,
⦁ Introducing contacts that will provide support during and after the establishment, especially the tax advantages and legal restrictions according to the country of establishment of the company
⦁ Conducting product-specific mentoring meetings every week with the founders of startups
⦁ Creation of monthly reporting formats for companies
⦁ Determining and supporting the company’s growth strategies.

In Investment Round Processes for Corporated Startups

⦁ Determining the investment strategy,
⦁ Carrying out the OPEX study according to the company’s roadmap,
⦁ Creation of 1-year and 3-year financial projections,
⦁ Determining the investment need,
⦁ Creating financial tracking and KPI tracking documents,
⦁ Preparation of investor presentation
⦁ Organizing one-to-one investor meetings and, when necessary, demo-day-like mass promotion events.

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