DigiME, which performs high precision body and posture analysis using artificial intelligence, raised $715K.

DigiME, which performs body analysis with three-dimensional imaging technology, raised $715K.

DigiME, drawing attention as the only mobile system in the World in its field that performs high precision body and posture analysis using three-dimensional imaging technology and artificial intelligence, has completed its third investment round. DigiME raised $715K in the third investment round led by TechOne VC, twozero Ventures and Kerim Kotan, with the participation of co-founders of Litum Teknoloji A.Ş., Kamil Sözen, Özgür Ülkü, and Alp Ülkü, Partner Tasarım ve Ticaret A.Ş, as well as Efe Duran Sarıkaya, Nihat Cavit Oral and Siret Ünsal.

“DigiME started to serve its customers with a monthly subscription model.”

DigiME, which sells to 87 locations in 12 different countries and 34 cities mainly in the USA, Italy, France, and Canada, and started to serve users with a monthly subscription model, provides body analysis to more than 43,000 people with its academically approved superior software and is the only high-precision software in the world. It is a portable three-dimensional body scanning solution. DigiME, thanks to its advanced technology , scans the whole body in three dimensions within seconds to determine body fat ratio, daily calorie requirement, basal metabolic ratio, ideal weight, muscle ratio, posture disorders, movement, etc. and analyzes this data while allowing the results to be tracked with ease thanks to its graphically supported reporting tools.

“DigiME started operating in the U.S.”

In addition to developing its software during the pandemic process, DigiME started its sales with the reseller model in the USA. Continuing its journey without interruption; DigiME is on its way to become one of the leading Big Data companies in the field of health technologies. DigiME, which will start to serve its customers with the DigiME SaaS solution it has developed, provides B2B and B2C customers with the opportunity to monitor their personal body data, receive artificial intelligence-supported recommendations, and graphic-supported reporting and pre-diagnosis. With its new investment round, DigiME aims to expand its body monitoring data to 500,000 by opening DigiME branches, especially in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and France, and by expanding to North America and Europe with its wide product family and services. Current customers of DigiME include important names such as PSG, UFC, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, We5 Concept, Hillside, Carrera, Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, and Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.
Derya Kavarna, founder of DigiME said “As DigiME, we have placed the North American market at the center of our growth strategies. With this investment round, we want to optimize our operational processes by moving the company headquarters to the United States. The U.S., which has a significant domestic market, is still one of the most open markets to foreign initiatives despite the global political and economic fluctuations. It is also very easy to find experienced investors, consultants, or legal representatives in your field in the country that has managed to launch a large number of global companies. In addition to these opportunities, it is one of the rare markets where what is learned there is also effective in other markets due to its culturally diversified environment. Therefore, we think that what we have experienced in the U.S. will benefit DigiME to become an effective player in the global market.”


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