Digime3D, a startup that provides body analysis with 3D imaging technology, received smart money investment from Tarvenn at a valuation of TL 2.2 million

Turkish tech startup Digime3D, which made revolution in health sector, raised a smart money from Tarvenn at a 2.2 million TL valuation

Digime3D that provides body analysis with 3D imaging technology received its first investment from Tarvenn at a valuation of TL 2.2 million. Digime3D, one of the BioCube Istanbul Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center startups, which aims to develop health initiatives within Istanbul Aydin University and accomplished a first in this regard in Turkey, received investment from Tarvenn Ventures and Advisors, an Istanbul-based international investment and advisory firm that specialized in building businesses by providing capital and strategic advisory services. Digime3D, which combines three-dimensional body-scanning technology with special software and hardware to make it portable and low-priced, provides automatic retrieval of all body measurements; body, fat and calorie analysis, and makes it easy to follow all these data thanks to its online graphical reporting tools.

Digime3D, one of the startups under “Biocube İstanbul” which is established firstly in Turkey by Istanbul Aydin University to support health innovation and entrepreneurship, thanks to its special software and high-sensitive 3D scanner, allows you to create a perfect three-dimensional model of your body and clearly see which part of your body has changed. Digime3D’s “Digi Health” solution allows simultaneous calculation and development tracking of many data such as body fat percentage and daily caloric need. Digime3D separates from its competitors in the world thanks to its high sensitivity and portable characteristics; offers a cost-effective, highly sensitive and easy-to-use solution for sports centers, dietitians, healthcare organizations and textile companies.

Body analysis and tracking with high sensitivity

Derya Kavarna, the founder of Digime3D, expresses that they are able to perform body imaging and analysis with high sensitivity through special software they developed, and stated that they aimed to offer a technology-focused solution enhancing customer satisfaction and commitment for sports centers, dietitians and private fashion design firms, and that they were getting great feedbacks from their customers.

“Target is the foreign markets”

Kavarna; “We are aiming to reach more customers and to expand to abroad soon, by gaining strength financially and operationally with the investment we receive from Tarvenn. With Tarvenn’s support, we made great strides towards growth and institutionalization. We work together at every step more like a teammate than an investor. Thanks to Tarvenn’s extensive network and international connections, we will be able to enter the foreign markets as well as improve corporate collaborations. “

Personal change tracking with mobile device

With its portable and highly sensitive measurement, the initiative, which is ahead of its competitors in the world, creates a 3D model of your body in 40 seconds with a three-dimensional scanner. Through this model, it ensures that all body measurements are taken, without leaving a margin of error. By calculating the body fat ratio, ideal body weight, daily caloric need, etc., it enables the person to visually track the development in time.

“Digime3D’s technology is far beyond its competitors”

Digime3D, which can measure with high sensitivity based on scientific methods thanks to its developed software, is even ahead of its competitors in the world, stated by Mustafa Kopuk, CEO of Tarvenn. He said “Personalized technological solutions are getting more important in our lives every day. Digime3D, with its solutions, helps to provide high quality and personalized service to companies for their clients. While calculating body fat ratio, ideal body weight, daily caloric need, Digime3D, which can be used in many sectors where the human body is the subject such as health, sports, textile, Digime3D gives the opportunity to track personal changes over time. We are aiming to rapidly create brand awareness by increasing national and foreign corporate cooperation”.

For detailed information on the startup, please visit www.digime3d.com

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