Digital Ads Management Platform Wask, raised an investment of $500.000 with a valuation of $4M

Wask which provides smart and easy management for digital ads on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, has raised $500.000 from TechOne VC, Logo Ventures and APY Ventures Start-up Investment Fund with a valuation of $4M.

End-to-end digital advertising management platform

Wask provides users to create their ads on different channels such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on a single platform with its user-friendly interface and provides its users to create and optimize their ads from the beginning and to increase the efficiency of their campaigns by making ad management smart with the features such as AutoPilot, Smart Target Audience, AdCreator. It offers an end-to-end ad management platform by automatically creating the ideal target audience for the ads created through WordPress and Shopify integrations developed by Wask. Wask aims to integrate all digital advertising channels, provide its user sector-based outputs with the data it has obtained and optimize their budgets by allowing them to manage their advertising campaigns most efficiently with this investment round.

Reached more than 2,800 subscribers in a year

Wask which focusing on its growth in the global market with the previous investment round, gained more than 2,800 subscribers from 81 different countries such as the USA, Canada, England, France, and Germany. Wask, which increased its monthly recurring revenue to over $30.000 with a monthly average growth of 40%, aims to increase customer acquisition in target countries by carrying out an aggressive marketing strategy. Wask also aims to integrate into all the digital advertising channels by managing the advertising on different platforms other than Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Wask is currently managing its operations from the US, and It aims to increase itsmonthly recurring revenue to over $100.000 at the end of the year and become one of the first SaaS companies that come to mind in digital advertising management.

“We aim to be the best digital ad management platform in the world.”

The founder & CEO of Ercan Pilcioğlu said that “The number of digital advertisers is increasing day by day. Advertisers want to use their time effectively, manage their advertising campaigns correctly and use their budgets most effectively. We aim to be the most important digital advertising management platform in the world which digital advertisers can easily manage all of their advertising processes in all advertising channels and increase their campaign efficiency with automatic insights.”


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