Digital Fitness App Ulive, raised an investment with a Valuation of $6.6M

ULive, which offers its users the opportunity to workout from anywhere they want, has received an investment of $600.000.

Providing live lessons in many different sports areas such as bootcamp, yoga, indoor cycling, pilates, along with strength and conditioning, Ulive received $600.000 investment from Sankonline, Angel Effect, Umur Gençoğlu, Ertuğrul Konukoğlu, Hacı Sabancı, Yiğithan Orhan, Emirhan Şahin with the lead of TechOne Ventures and twozero Ventures over $6.6 M post-money valuation. Together with the investment round, Urban Riders and ULive will continue their journey in global markets under their new brand name Urban Active.

Digital Fitness App ULive Continues to Gain New Subscribers!

Urban Riders’ digital fitness program ULive, founded as a group training studio catering in variety of different workouts, now allows users to exercise anytime and anywhere via its user-friendly interface. ULive allows all its users who want to integrate sports into their daily lives to save time and minimize the cost they spend on gyms and online private sessions. ULive offers Livestream workouts in various areas such as bootcamp, pilates, stretching, dance, cycling, and mobility with more than 22 instructors working in-house while allowing customers to access all its recorded workouts via its library which also enables them to create customized programs. ULive continues to reach its new users rapidly by offering a digital fitness world to them!

With the New Investment Round, Global Market is the Goal!

ULive, which has been growing with a strong momentum since its release, has reached more than 75,000 active users. with more than 35,000 users from 16 different countries on the platform, and has increased its monthly revenue to over $10,000 in a short period of 12 months with an average monthly growth rate of 30%. At the same time, ULive, which is in the process of acquiring a physical studio in the United States of America, aims to increase its subscriber acquisition in the international market with marketing campaigns that include their renewed identity starting in September in the US. With gamification developments directly integrated into the product and completing the necessary integrations that allow sports fans to follow other users, they plan to increase and strengthen their user loyalty. After the completion of the integrations and inclusion in the US Market, ULive aims to become one of the top companies that come to mind in the field of digital fitness by achieving more than $ 200,000 as an MRR by the end of 2023.
The founder & CEO of ULive Ahmet Berkman said that “With the increasing momentum of digital transformation every day, we are telling people our story quite accurately. With the inclusion of users who quickly adapt to the digital world, we bring together the masses of sports fans people who listen to our story, and we can accelerate the continuity and growth thanks to the social network they create inside as well as their sports activities. We are very excited to tell this story to the World with ULive. We aim to move our headquarters to the US with our renewed brand identity with this investment round and to reach wider communities through higher quality content, create more useful insights/data, and by approaching the best standards on our main performance indicators such as hardware integration, become one of the leading brands in the global fitness market. We are experiencing the excitement and motivation to become the first success story in this field from Turkey and to continue this success. We accomplished fine works in the field of fitness in Turkey. Now, with ULive, we can’t wait to grow this excitement and experience with the whole world, especially in the USA. Our goal is to reach 50.000 paid subscribers in the next 12 months.”


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