Digital Fitness App Urban Riders, raised an investment with a valuation of $3.8M.

ULive, which provides its users with the opportunity to do sports from anywhere they want, raised an investment of $350.000

ULive, which provides live lessons in many different sports branches such as cycling, bootcamp, yoga, pilates, and fitness, through the digital fitness application it has developed; raised an investment of $350.000 from İzzet Zakuto and Ozan Çağlar İnaç, led by TechOne VC and twozero Ventures with a valuation of $3.8M.

The digital fitness app ULive!

With its user-friendly interface, ULive, the digital fitness application of Urban Riders, which was established as an Indoor Cycle-focused group lesson studio, allows those who want to do sports whenever and wherever they wish. Thus, ULive enables all users who want to integrate sports into their daily lives, to save time and to minimize the cost they spend on sports. While providing live lessons in many fields such as cycling, Bootcamp, pilates, stretching, dance, and mobility with more than 20 trainers ULive also allows users to access all the course records from the library and prepare special programs for them.

Reached more than 1,000 subscribers in 6 months

ULive, which has grown with tremendous momentum since its publication, has reached more than 12.000 active users.It gained more than 1,000 subscribers from14 different countries, especially from the countries such as the United States, Russia, and England. With an average monthly growth of 40%, ULive has increased its monthly income to over $5.000 in a short period of 6 months. With the new investment round, ULive plans to carry out an aggressive marketing strategy to increase subscriber acquisition in the global market, increase user loyalty with in-product gamification developments, and make necessary integration for sports fans to follow other users. It aims to be one of the first companies that come to mind in the field of digital fitness by achieving more than $100.000 monthly income at the end of 1 year by performing integrations.
The founder & CEO of ULive Ahmet Naci Berkmansaid that; “Thanks to digitalization in today’s world, the number of people who want to listen to your story and be involved in increased so much. The best work we do as Urban Riders can be defined as sharing our story and creating audiences who love sports. Now we are excited to tell this story to the whole world with ULive. With this investment round, our excitement of being one of the leading brands in the global fitness market by bringing our main topics such as quality content, building a social community, creating a useful product, and hardware integration to the best standards elevated. We are very excited and motivated to be the first success story in this field from Turkey.We have accomplished great things in the field of sports in Turkey. Now with ULive, we look forward to sharing this experience and excitement with the whole world. Our goal is to reach 100.000 Subscribers in 24 months.”


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