Education and skills oriented Big Data company Sertifier, closed its second funding round with a valuation of 6 Million TL

Sertifier, which stores the education and skills data on the blockchain and performs the verification and analysis of the data, closed its second round with a valuation of 6 million TL from TechOne and Lima Ventures.The startup aims to become one of the world's leading Big Data companies in this field by collecting and analyzing skills-oriented education and experience data.

Sertifier offers various solutions for corporates and individuals

Sertifier allows corporations and institutions to perform certificate design, sending and reporting processes from a single platform, as well as analyze and follow up the skill-oriented education and experience data of their institution. Sertifier’s latest product Verified offers different features for individual users such as skill analysis, peer comparison, personalized CV and education route. In addition, the startup brings together those who create educational content and those who are in need of it with its new platform called “Sertifier akademi.”.Sertifier’s API library and easy integration capabilities via platforms like Zapier; Sertifier provides its users with combined solutions with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Forms, and Canvas LMS. Individuals can view and share the certificates they have gatheredon the mobile application, called“Verified”.With the solutions it offers, Sertifier allows corporations and individuals to create specialized educational routes by making sense of their data on education, experience, and skills.

125 Corporate Customers in 8 countries

Serving in 8 different countries with various solutions it offers to its customers, Sertifier has enabled more than 1 million certificates to be sent and reached to 125 paying corporate customers.The startup identified and analyzed more than 2.1 million skills data through the documents produced.Sertifier aims to reach more than 30 countries with the capital raised by this round and become one of the leading Big Data companies in education and skills.

“We aim to be one of the world’s leading companies in ed-tech.”

Lima Ventures‘ co-founder Assoc. Dr. R. Volkan Günel said “As Sertifier continues to grow, it is impossible not to wait to see how the analysis of competency data shapes the future of the world, thanks to the different solutions it offers using advanced algorithms and qualified technologies.”

Founder of Sertifier, Arda Helvacılarsaid, “Skill-oriented data in the world is already very scattered and unanalyzable. With our advanced algorithm and qualified technology, we collect and analyze skill data in one place. With the new investment, we aim to reach more than 30 countries and become one of the leading Big Data companies in the fields of education and experience.


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