Fideyo, which provides personalized content from celebrities, raised its first investment

Fideyo, which brings celebrities and their fans together, raised its first investment from TechOne and twozero Ventures

Fideyo, which enables you to buy personalized content by reaching the celebrity that you admire, raised its first investment with a valuation of 5.6M TL from TechOne and twozero Ventures.The startup that brings together celebrities and their fans will use investment it raised to go global. As a first step, Fideyo will open offices in MENA Region , Germany and Netherlands.

Out of the ordinary gift platform

Fideyo founded by Efe Hızır, Doruk Demirsar and, Eren Güncü offers a new alternative for those looking for an unordinary gift or who loves surprises.Users can request a video by choosing among more than 185 famous names such as Serdar Ortaç, Okan Bayülgen, İrem Derici, Hayko Cepkin, Ahmet Çakar, Sinan Engin and Derya Baykal.Celebrities respond to requests in entertaining videos and send them to users via the Fideyo platform.Messages on many different topics such as new business greetings, get well soon wishes, birthday celebrations, declaration of love or marriage proposal turn into unique memories with celebrities.

Fideyo, which draws intense attention in Turkey expand into the global markets.

In addition to the video contents, Fideyo offers many different gift content opportunities with its new version released this month.With the new version of the platform, users can buy interactions from famous names on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.Users can request direct messages or likes from celebrities to any post for their loved ones.In addition to the video demands that quadrupled in a very short time, the startup’s new contents are also in high demand.With the investment it raised from TechOne and twozero Ventures, Fideyo will expand its operation to MENA region, Germany and Netherlands.

We are taking a much stronger step into the global markets with this investment.

Founder and CEO of Fideyo Efe Hızır said, “Since the first day we launched the Fideyo platform, it makes us very happy that the growing interest has continued. The high demand for the new features we offer with our new version in a very short time proved us that we are on the right path.With the investment of 2 important funds such as TechOne and twozero Ventures, we are taking a much stronger step into the global markets.We believe that we will make Fideyo popular in many countries, especially in the MENA region, Germany and the Netherlands.


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