Iftrue, the startup that improves the business processes of software teams, raised an investment

Aiming to support the business processes of stakeholders in the ecosystem with the services it offers to software teams, Iftrue raised investment.

Developing the business processes of software teams, Iftrue raised an investment from TechOne Venture Capital, DOMiNO Ventures and Startup Wise Guys. Iftrue contributes to the improvement and facilitation of project processes by providing services to software teams with the solutions it has developed. In this context, Iftrue offers its users processes and metrics based on scientific research, enabling software teams to work faster.

Today, when the common features of successful enterprises are evaluated, it can be shown that the teams work in harmony are in the first place. It is observed that product development processes reach an optimum efficiency in scenarios where business development teams work in harmony with each other. In addition, it is noticed that teams that achieve harmony in terms of cooperation both increase team solidarity and provide better quality service to customers. With the increase in experience in software development processes, a significant increase in benefits and cost optimization is achieved in the software activities of companies. Iftrue saved up to 50% in product development costs for teams where the product was tested during the private beta period. The company aims to reach more teams with the open beta in the first three months of 2023.

“We aim to be an indispensable part of software teams.”

Iftrue Co-Founder Erdinç Akkaya has worked in various positions in companies that have been developing software-based products for more than 15 years and are mainly established in Silicon Valley. Making statements about the future plans of Iftrue, Iftrue Co-Founder Erdinç Akkaya said, “When we look at the recent developments, we observe that the business processes are in a great change. We see that remote working has become widespread, especially with digitalization. With the development of remote working processes, we evaluate that there are some deficiencies in terms of communication within the team. At this point, we aim to be an indispensable part of software teams. In addition to maintaining our service quality in 2023, we aim to accelerate the growth momentum we have achieved by entering the American and European markets.”.

On the other hand, TechOne Venture Capital Managing Partner Yiğit Arslan expressed his happiness with the investment process by saying, “As TechOne VC, we are happy to support visionary initiatives that take steps towards the world of the future. With the services it offers, Iftrue aims to solve the problems in the software ecosystem and improve the business processes there. In the next period, we will work together for Iftrue to operate in different geographies.”.

Yagiz Karadeniz, Managing Director of DOMiNO Ventures, also evaluated the Iftrue investment process, “We find the work of the Iftrue team very valuable. Especially in the field of future of work, the importance of metric and optimization-oriented software will increase even more. As DOMiNO Ventures, we will continue to invest in startups with rapid growth potential in global markets. We are always on the side of entrepreneurs with our fund and competent team that we have established to contribute to the success of visionary initiatives.” said.

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