Inooster raised an investment of $700.000 to build the future of Gamification Technologies.

INOOSTER which provides gamification basic performance, loyalty management and training solutions, raised an investment of $700.000

INOOSTER which provides gamification-based performance, loyalty management and training solutions that will increase motivation, efficiency and loyalty for the company with its user-friendly interface, and enable companies to reach the goals they set; raised an investment of $700,000 in an investment tour lead by TechOne VC and Logo Ventures with the participation of APY Ventures Fintech GSYF and APY Ventures Start-up GSYF.

“End-to-end digital gamification platform”

Founded in 2016 by Murat Yılmaz, who has a total of 15 years of entrepreneurial and corporate work experience in software development, user experience, gamification and management, Inooster has brought technology and people together and implemented a qualified gamification-based platform that can find a place for itself in the global market.The platform was developed by putting human psychology at the center along with gamification dynamics; It increases the efficiency of institutions by focusing on the management of concepts such as performance, motivation and loyalty with innovative approaches. Inooster, which also launches products for broad user groups with B2B2C products and services, aims to focus on its overseas activities in the first quarter of 2022 with this investment round and to increase customer acquisitions from the global market with the SaaS products that will launch in the coming days.

‘Inooster reached more than 20 corporate projects!’

Inooster, which is the leader in its geography in the gamification vertical, currently provides active services to corporate companies among Fortune 500 companies with a team of 24 people.Inooster, which designs and develops all the processes of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s “Yürü Be Istanbul” project, which is currently on the agenda and one of the world’s leading gamification projects, reveals the power of its infrastructure with its ability to successfully process and manage millions of data.

“We aim to carry our product to the global market.”

Inooster‘s founder Murat Yılmaz said that; “I believe that the most important element in the management of performance, motivation and loyalty will be gamification.With the power of the game, people can exist more in their habitats.Based on this approach, gamification stands out as a unique resource to be successful in an increasingly competitive environment, to distinguish itself from competitors and to establish a direct connection with the end user.” Yılmaz predicts that there will be a lot of thought on how to manage the concepts of motivation and socialization in the new world order in his post-investment evaluation.

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