“Kahvegibikahve, the Turkish startup offering practical, high quality and fresh filter coffee got seed investment from Tarvenn Ventures.” is locked Kahvegibikahve, the Turkish startup offering practical, high quality and fresh filter coffee got seed investment from Tarvenn Ventures.

Practical filter coffee startup Kahvegibikahve received seed investment from Tarvenn Ventures with 2 million TL valuation

Kahvegibikahve, a fresh practical drawn filter coffee served without any need for preparation or cleaning received seed investment from Tarvenn Ventures, an Istanbul based international investment and advisory firm that is specialized in building businesses by applying smart money investment model to the seed and early-stage startups. Tarvenn will help Kahvegibikahve to make quality filtered coffee easily accessible for everyone.

Filter coffee offers a longer, purer expression of the coffee. It can be delicate, aromatic and smooth, as well as intense. This Turkish startup, Kahvegibikahve.com, offers fresh roasted coffee beans, thus it gives to the consumers a remarkable experience and it is also time-saving in preparation and cleaning.

Kahvegibikahve aims to provide a practical, delightful and quality solution to filter coffee lovers by offering freshly ground coffee from 100% Arabic beans as a special production of fiber filters.

Practical filter coffee ready to be brewed from fresh beans “Kahvegibikahve”

Kahvegibikahve founder Ubeydullah Güngör stated that they were offering high quality filtered coffee to their customers without any preparing and cleaning process and adds that they have been able to provide 15.000 cups of practical filter coffee to their customers so far.

Güngör said that they made a successful launch of “Fiber Filter” with the financial and operational support from Tarvenn. “Our sales have tripled since the launch of Fiber Filter. Together with the Tarvenn team, we took very lucrative steps in a very short time. By activating the monthly subscription model very soon, we will make your access to the quality and fresh coffee easier. Thus, your coffee will always be with you.”, he said.

The real fresh coffee is in the Fiber Filter!

Kahvegibikahve presents coffee flavors that are more delicious and more convenient than ever produced with filters from corn fiber especially for coffee. In Fiber Filters, Kahvegibikahve uses 100% Arabica coffee beans which does not contain additives and preservers. In addition, environmentally friendly and permeable fibre filter makes it easy to reach the ideal intensity of your coffee.

“We aim to initiate mass production after increasing brand awareness in the market”

Tarvenn CEO Mustafa Kopuk said that investment transactions were completed in January and he is very satisfied with the achievement they had in such a short time, “We aim to invest in visionary teams with unlimited ambition to build industry-leading companies. Kahvegibikahve respond an existing demand in the Turkish market with a practical solution. Even, Kahvegibikahve leaves its foreign competitors behind with its specially produced “Fiber Filter”. We aim to commence mass production by increasing brand awareness with solutions to enhance customer experience, new sales channels and corporate partnerships. With our Smart Money model, in addition to the Capital, we provide all the knowledge, experience, network and operational support for the progress of Kahvegibikahve. Rather than just an financial investor, Tarvenn Ventures will continue to work together with Ubeyd as a teammate to achieve our common goal, the success of Kahvegibikahve.”
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