LIVAD raised $400K to build the future of smart Livestream Advertising

Allowing brands to run smart, elegant, and non-intrusive ads without compromising the viewership experience, LIVAD raised $400K in Seed funding at $2M valuation

Enabling brands to serve smart, elegant, and non-intrusive ads across live streaming platforms while allowing streamers of all sizes to monetize their content consistently, LIVAD raised $400K in Seed funding led by TechOne VC with the participation of StartersHub and twozero Ventures, as well as Ömer Aras and Can Tunçer.

Minimum effort, maximum impact through smart Livestream Advertising!

Founded by Arda Genç, Bera Aksay and Akın Sert, LIVAD helps streamers get noticed by and work with top brands through its data-driven approach, while allowing brands to automatically display their ads on streamers’ screens without interrupting their broadcast. Both brands and streamers can track their campaign statistics in real-time through their user-friendly dashboards that report display metrics as well as engagement analytics. Besides the effortless experience for brands and streamers, LIVAD also offers a much more entertaining viewing experience for viewers through its interactive, dynamic and non-intrusive content.

LIVAD managed 100+ ad campaigns in 12 months!

Achieving high growth since its founding, LIVAD has managed more than100 advertising campaigns for over 40 brands, including Vodafone, Philips, Yemeksepeti, and Schneider Electric.
With the secured funding, LIVAD aims to further accelerate its growth with an initial focus on Spanish-speaking countries, followed by a larger expansion across Europe and theAmericas to eventually become the synonym of Livestream Advertising worldwide.
LIVAD’s Co-Founder, Arda Genç, said that; “With the third-party cookie apocalypse, there will be dramatic changes in online advertising. Firstly, I predict that the ability to deliver one’s brand message to its target audience through authentic influencer marketing —at scale— will become an increasingly valuable asset. Secondly, as the ability to personalize advertising weakens, we will —perhaps surprisingly— witness the revival of contextual targeting. With livestream watch hours consistently increasing, we hope to use part of the secured funds to leverage Computer Vision and NLP techniques to allow brands to contextually target livestream audiences via real-time audio, video and text analysis as well as optimize viewer engagement. With that, we will not only be making it effortless for brands and streamers to collaborate on ad sponsorships and measure their performance but also make the viewership experience much more entertaining. ”


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