Metaverse as a Service Startup Atlas Space, raised an investment from DOMiNO Ventures.

Atlas Space, which enables realistic business and social events for companies with the Metaverse universe it has developed, raised investment from DOMiNO Ventures.

With the Metaverse Universe it has developed, Atlas Space enables companies to carry out realistic business and non-business social events. It aims to solve problems such as lack of social interaction, lack of internal communication and inefficiency, which are seen as the main problems of the concept of working from home, which is on the rise with the pandemic and is expected to be permanent. Atlas Space, which can work in integration with virtual and augmented reality technologies, can fully respond to the customizable needs of customers in line with their needs. Atlas Space, which has its own blockchain network and tokenomics system, distinguishes itself from its peers with its “real life utility” feature thanks to the NFT market. In addition, users can use their own three-dimensional avatars within the Atlas Space Metaverse universe.

Target is To Grow in The Global Market with a New Investment Round!

Continuing to grow with a strong momentum in a short period of 5 months, Atlas Space continues to provide services to more than 25 companies in 6 countries. Atlas Space, which derives the majority of its revenue from the global market, achieved an growth rate of 110% in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Atlas Space, which wants to grow its team with competent and professional employees while continuing to grow in the global market, will continue its work faster after the investment. Atlas Space, which will establish an office in Paris and Berlin with the new investment it has raised, aims to strengthen its operations in the USA and North America and to position itself in the market more strongly. In addition, the product development process aims to be one of the important players in the Metaverse universe by continuing to implement global sales and marketing strategies.

Burçin GÜRBÜZ, Founder of Atlas Space; “Just like smartphones and technologies, and even social media platforms in our very recent past, there are those who are cautious and even suspicious about Metaverse today. With Metaverse, we meet new platforms, new values ​​and currencies, new possibilities and methods. When we look at the future predictions, Metaverse is called the next phase of the internet. In fact, Metaverse is the future of social networks and social media platforms. We can’t wait to tell this story to the world with Atlas Space. We are excited and motivated to be the first startup in this field from Turkey and to continue this success.” said.

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