Pixa, which offers an order and warehouse management platform for e-commerce sellers, raised its first investment with a valuation of 6.2 Million TL

E-commerce integration and operations management platform to easily manage order processes, Pixa raised its first investment from TechOne

Analyze the management of procurement, sales, order, and stock processes on a single platform for e-commerce sellers Pixa raised a seed investment from TechOne with a valuation of 6.2M TL. Founded by Bilal Büyükdere and Emre Bostan, Pixa offers cloud-based and modular e-Commerce order and warehouse management, enabling smarter, faster, and more efficient management.

The Easiest Way to Manage Your E-commerce Operations

Pixawith multichannel and usefule-commerce integrationsoffers, e-commerce site, accounting, the marketplace, ERP and cargo integrations, and managing from a single panel. With its fully integrated product with e-commerce, it allows you to easily manage stocks and manage warehouse operations efficiently. It provides companies with the ability to manage orders easily with its order management setups and automation. It has 360-degree management capability in your e-commerce warehouse with its return management and all other features. In which shelf or section the products are located in the warehouse can be seen in detail, thus decreasing costs and increasing profitability. With the Pixa 360 degree integration platform;products can be easily listed in all sales channels and all orders can be managed from a single screen. With cargo and accounting integrations, all invoicing and logistics processes of orders can be managed in a fully integrated manner and process efficiency can be increased.

Thanks to Pixa’s modular platform structure; It identifies the prices at which other sellers sell products, analyzes e-commerce operation data, increases efficiency and profitability with warehouse management. Also; It provides sales and marketing strategy data by analyzing customer habits and behaviors.

“We aim to become the e-commerce management platform leaderin the global market”

Stating that the order and warehouse management process in online sales channels can not be managed properly with traditional methods, Founder and CEO of Pixa Bilal Büyükdere said; “For sellers who sell in marketplaces, the process in sales channels can not be managed and followed without any problems. Thanks to our platform, sellers can easily integrate with e-commerce sales channels and easily track their orders and stocks. As Pixa, we want to facilitate order and warehouse management processes in the global market and become a leader-commerce management platform in the global market. “


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