Practical filter coffee producer Kahvegibikahve, raised second investment with a valuation of 4.8 million TL

Kahvegibikahve, offering practical filter coffee solution for customers who want to reach quality and

fresh coffee anytime and anywhere, has successfully completed its second investment round. After second investment; Kahvegibikahve aims to grow in retail chains, hotels and restaurants by commencing mass production and expanding distribution channels.

After raised seed investment from Tarvenn Ventures in 2018, Kahvegibikahve raised over 1 million TL in second investment round with a valuation of 4.8 million TL.National basketball player Sinan Güler, successful business people; Ramazan Evren, Şükrü Dönmez, Tolunay Yıldız, Ömer Duran, Ayşe Tuba Araz, Nur Öztürk and one of Keiretsu Forum angel investors Figen Korun have attended to the investment round led by Tarvenn Ventures. Kahvegibikahve has provided more than 150 thousand practical filter coffee for its customers so far. After second investment, Kahvegibikahve aims to deliver different products to all coffee lovers with mass production. Local startup allows you to drink quality and fresh filter coffee without the need for preparation and cleaning. It provides you to enjoy the coffee wherever you want with its special production Fiber Filter ™

Kahvegibikahve presents innovative solution with Fiber Filter ™

With Fiber Filter ™ that was specially designed and produced from corn fiber, Kahvegibikahve offers the pleasure of drinking coffee more delicious and practical than ever before by usingpreservative-free coffee beans.Fiber Filter ™ that is eco-friendly with its nature-soluble structuremakes it easy for your coffee to reach itsideal density. Fiber Filter ™which causes 95% lower carbon emissions compared to traditional methods, also reduces the carbon footprint of institutions.

“Strong Package” has been launched for strong coffee lovers

The startup that reached wide range of coffee lovers with its classic package, recently has launched its new product to satisfy strong and intensive coffee demand. Kahvegibikahve, which offers intense aroma and high caffeine with its ‘Strong Package’, meets the demand of strong coffee lovers. The startup targets athletes who aim to accelerate the formation of muscle with high caffeine, hard coffee lovers and people who want to stay activewhileworking hard, aims to reshape the coffee industry.

We will expand our sales channels

Ubeydullah Güngör (founder of Kahvegibikahve): “We have provided more than 150,000 cups of coffee to our customers. We grew more than 4 times in the first half of 2019. We would like to reach all coffee lovers by mass production with our new investment. We will position our products in retail chains, hotels, restaurants and cafes. In the online channel, we will continue to grow with the subscription model. We are working on 3 new countries in addition to Turkey. We believe that we will reach large masses in a short time with the support of Tarvenn and our new investors.”


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