Smart agriculture tech startup ForFarming, received its second investment with a valuation of 12 million TL

An AgriTech startup ForFarming which combines vertical farming with Artificial Intelligence, raised an investment of 2.4 million TL

ForFarming which provides to produce pesticide-free, fresh and healthy products all the year round by offering Artificial Intelligence-supported and IoT-based vertical farming solutions in closed areas, received its second investment. ForFarming, launched its first products in less than a year, entered 7 different countries with the first investment from Tarvenn Ventures and aims to become the technology pioneer of smart hydroponic agriculture in the global market with the new investment.

ForFarming, set out with the “Smart Agriculture for Healthy Future” motto and received seed investment from Tarvenn Ventures in December 2018. ForFarming increased its company value by 9 times in less than a year and received a 2.4 million TL second investment with 12 million TL valuation. The founder of the Adphorus Volkan Çağsal, precious businessman Tolunay Yildiz, Frederic Fatih Pagy from the EGIAD Angels investment network, Figen Korun and Gamze Sart from the angel investors of Keiretsu Forum attended to second investment tour led by Tarvenn Ventures.

ForFarming has succeeded in offering smart hydroponic agricultural solutions in 7 different countries and 24 different locations with its “Farmio” and “Farmi” products, and it is preparing to become an important player in the global market with its second investment. ForFarming’s Artificial Intelligence based automation software (SaaS) “Farmio” provides users to transforms vertical agricultural areas and greenhouses to smart farming areas. ForFarming aims to become the leader Artificial Intelligence supported smart agricultural technology provider with this solution in world. ForFarming’s another service “Farmi” provides the 365 days production of fresh and healthy products in many different areas from restaurants to market chains, hotels and factories with autonomous vertical agriculture solutions.

Grow fresh and healthy products all the year round with Farmi

Farmi provides fresh and healthy products all the year round with on-site production in many different areas such as hotels, offices, supermarkets, restaurants etc. Farmi with its full autonomous smart system, allows more than 30 products to be grown without needed for any agricultural information. In addition, it can remotely control the production planning of all produce with its special Artificial Intelligence based software.

With Farmi, all environment conditions are measured by sensors and optimum environment conditions are ensured to produce the most delicious, fresh and healthy products in the shortest time.

Farmio: The World’s First and Only Artificial Intelligence Supported Smart Farming Solution

ForFarming aims to be a pioneer in the world with Artificial Intelligence supported smart agricultural solution Farmio. Greenhouses, parks and gardens that are currently active for production are becoming smart and controllable with Farmio. Temperature, humidity, CO2, pH, and light values of the products which growing by AI-supported and cloud-based Farmi, are measured and controlled automatically. The environment conditions are optimized and the producers are informed in real time by evaluating of grown products with Artificial Intelligence. In addition to this, features such as plant data store and plant analysis enable producers to plan production and harvest processes more efficiently.

“We aim to be the World’s hydroponic agricultural technology provider.”

ForFarming’s co-founder Levent Atlas; “In today’s modern world where is becoming more difficult to access healthy and fresh products, hydroponic agriculture is gaining in importance by providing on-site production. We become the pioneer of Turkey and leader of surrounding area with our technology and smart hydroponic agricultural solutions. While it makes us proud at the same time it increases our responsibilities. We will take firm steps forward to our goal that is becoming the world’s hydroponic agricultural technology supplier with our new investment.

We sincerely thank to all our investors who believe in our vision and our team. Especially thank to our teammate Tarvenn Ventures and their precious CEO Mustafa Kopuk, who supported us in all matters from the first day.”

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