Smart agriculture technologies startup ForFarming received an investment of 450 thousand dollars!

ForFarming, which makes its production processes efficient by integrating with agricultural facilities within minutes, received an investment with a valuation of 3.2 million dollars.

Thanks to its developed algorithm and large data pool, ForFarming makes agricultural production much more efficient by integrating all over the world within minutes; Under the leadership of TechOne VC and Bilişim Vadisi GSYF (APY Ventures), Korun Teknoloji received an investment of 450 thousand dollars over a valuation of 3.2 million dollars with the participation of Kerim KOTAN and Yalın KARADOĞAN. ForFarming, which started to work with big companies such as Getir and Carrefour in Turkey in a short time, aims to continue this success in the global market with the new investment it has received.

“ForFarming brings a new perspective to traditional farming methods with Farmio”

Thanks to the processing of big data obtained to date and its algorithm that can suggest the most efficient production conditions, Farmio eliminates most of the problems arising from traditional agriculture and provides the most efficient production conditions. Farmio, which can be easily integrated into an agricultural facility located anywhere in the world within minutes, wants to prove its success in Turkey with its global customers. ForFarming, with its Trusty product developed for traceable agriculture alongside Farmio, offers its users the opportunity to access all information such as where, by whom and when agricultural products were produced. In this way, Trusty, which provides transparency between customers and producers, ensures that people know everything about the food they consume and can consume it without doubt.

Managed More Than 70 Production Facilities in 1 Year

ForFarming, which has completely switched to the SaaS model with the previous investment round, manages its production processes in a year by integrating more than 70 facilities from 8 different countries, mainly in the USA, Canada, Germany and Spain. Helping to optimize the supply and sales processes in addition to the production processes, Trusty ensures that the transparency between the manufacturer and the consumer is maintained. With its rapid growth in the last 3 months, it enabled approximately 150,000 packaged products to take their place on the shelves by meeting with traceable agricultural technology. With a monthly average growth of 40%, ForFarming wants to become one of the leading brands of smart agriculture in the world by delivering its technology to many global production facilities, especially in America and Europe, with its new investment tour.

“We Want to Direct the Sector with Our Smart Agricultural Technology”

ForFarming founder Levent ATLAS said, “When we talk about technology in agriculture, we usually come across technologies related to hardware products and since hardware products are expensive in the agricultural sector, it is very difficult for technology to meet with the manufacturer. By bringing a new perspective, we make technology much more accessible to manufacturers with our hardware-independent software modules where the entire process is managed by software. In this way, we achieved rapid growth and achieved positive feedback from our customers. With this investment tour, we want to continue our success by reaching more manufacturers in the global market.” said.


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