Smart signature platform Octopus, raised an investment of $750K

Smart Signage platform Octopus raises $750,000 from an investment round led by APY Ventures.

In the round led by APY Ventures, Smart Signage platform Octopus announced that it has raised an investment of $750 thousand. Active Ventures Mindvest Fund, Finberg and TechOne VC also participated in this round.

Octopus, which analyzes the people looking at the screen with the artificial intelligence module it developed for the retail industry and then shares the content created with the support of artificial intelligence, announced that it has raised a new investment. According to the information conveyed by Octopus, the venture raised an investment of $750 thousand.
Octopus’ $750 thousand investment round was led by APY Ventures. In addition to APY Ventures, Aktif Ventures Mindvest Fund, Finberg and TechOne VC also participated in the investment round.

Octopus, which can analyze who looks at which image for how many seconds on the screens, and can display the personalized content within seconds, can also interact between the frequency of looking at the screens and the purchase, and can also make purchasing index reporting for brands.
According to the information shared by Octopus, which has innovative approaches such as making payments over the screens or using these screens as a local advertising network, the company also has studies in the field of NFT. Octopus, which recently announced its cooperation with Cognitiwe, a local startup serving in the field of image processing, is preparing to go live with its new product with the investment it has raised.
Emre Yıldız, the founder of Octopus, who completed his first investment tour in March last year and opened its London office in a short span of time, shared that they want to develop rapidly both as a team and as a product and to increase the number of global customers with the investment.
Making statements about the investment, Emin Özer, General Manager of Albaraka Portfolio, stated that they are very happy to lead Octopus’ investment tour with Bilişim Vadisi GSYF and to contribute to its global journey.


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