Sorwe, aiming to revolutionize with its employee experience, raised an investment with a valuation of $3.2 million

Gathering all human resources tools and applications in a single mobile application, Sorwe raised an investment under the leadership of TechOne

By digitizing all HR processes to create sustainable organizations, offering end-to-end employee experience and analysis, Sorwe raised investment from Estonia-based Startup Wise Guys Investment Fund and Angel Investor Selahattin Zoralioğlu, led by TechOne Fund with a valuation of 3.2 Million Dollars.Founded by Emrah Ertürk, Emre Üner and Ergin Ertürk, Sorwe was selected to the UK’s Global Entrepreneurship program in 2019, and continues its journey as a global enterprise with offices in London and Istanbul. Sorwe provides analysis by collecting real-time data to understand how they feel while keeping all employees in contact at companies.Sorwe, which is already actively used by more than 60 thousand employees in 7 countries, increases employee loyalty in companies by 25% on average and reduces the rate of turnover by 8% by supporting employees in all stages of corporate communication and development.

A Single Platform for Motivated and Developing Teams

Sorwe increases employee engagement and performance by offering companies a gamified digital workplace experience. Under the main headings of internal communication, feedback, e-learning and performance, it digitizes the experience in the workplace from end to end in an employee-oriented manner.Sorwe, by eliminating the complex and costly processes created by the dispersed and independent human resources tools used by companies, collects all human resources tools and company-specific intranet applications on a single platform.

Competitive Advantage with Analytics

With Sorwe Human Analytics, all human resources processes required by companies are monitored and interlinked analyzes are obtained. Sorwe; By instantly monitoring a total of 18 basic indices under the main headings of Commitment, Happiness, Climate & Culture and Employee Effectiveness; It provides the advantage of analyzing department, location, generation, gender and special profile breakdowns.

“Sorwe Will Direct The HR Cector Globally”

According to Gallup’s research from 2020, 85% of employees do not feel loyalty to their company and willingness to work. Emrah Ertürk, CEO of Sorwe, stated that employee loyalty and performance cannot be increased in companies where there is no positive employee experience; “We have completed a strategic investment process that will support the growth of our company in the European market, which was established with a global vision from the first day in order to create happier, connected and participatory employees. Sorwe will direct the HR sector globally with its end-to-end approach and create a new category in this field. ” said.


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