Studio Billion offers different experiences with their new game Word Hunters

Studio Billion which raised an investment from Tarvennpublished their new game “Word Hunters” where you can play with real people in real-time.

Word gamesareundoubtedly one of the most popular mobile gaming categories.As the number of word games increase each passing day,Word Hunters differs from other word games by offering its users an online and offline experiences. While users can test their vocabulary knowledge without the internet, they can also challengereal players in real-time.

Learn and Have Fun

Word Hunters offers an entertaining trivia game experience for its users with online and offline options. Users learn new words while testing themselvesin all categories ranging from general knowledge to history, from sports to music.The goal of the game is to find the word by bridging the honeycomb letters from the category that has been given and collect the most points. Users can test themselves in Word Hunters which is playedwith 1.500+ levels and 10.000+ wordsas Turkish and Englishby changing the language anytime they desire. The game that gets continuously updated with new words, levels and features will be available in German and Spanish soon.

Play Online and Offline!

Word Hunters differs from other word games by offering online and offline experiences. Usersrace theirvocabulary knowledge with real players in real-time.Players can raise their rank by winning the online matches and challenge other online users who are more suitable for their level. Word Hunters also offers an offline experience apart from the online. Users can discover new maps and raise their rank on the offline career mode.

“Our goal is toraise our success in the global market”

Studio Billion which emphasizes that they achieved a success above their predictions especially in the global market with their first game Spin Warriors Istanbul stated that their goal for Word Hunters is to increase this achievement.19-year-oldentrepreneurs Cevdet Ümit Aparı, Ömer Aslan and Eşref Bektaşexpressed that they became more professional and stronger team with the support of Tarvenn Ventures which is an international investment company.


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