Studio Billion received follow-on investment from Tarvenn Ventures with a valuation of 4.2 Million TL.

New generation mobile gaming company Studio Billion took the second investment from Tarvenn Ventures

Studio Billion which is one of the most important startups included in BTM and received a seed investment from Tarvenn in December 2018 increased its valuation by 3 times and received a follow-on investment from Tarvenn with a valuation of 4.2Million TL. Studio Billion that has reached more than 1 million downloads and influenced many people among the different countries with their first game “Spin Warriors Istanbul” attracts attention with their Hyper Casual games recently offered to users. Studio Billion achieved to make a cooperation with the worlds top biggest ten game publishers and the company aims to expand its portfolio and wants to be an important mobile game company in the international area with this second investment

They focused on influencing in the Hyper Casual Game Category

Studio Billion’s first game “Spin Warriors Istanbul” is adapted from 2000’s legendary cartoon film “Beyblade” and it has reached above 1 million downloads among a lot of countries primarily USA,India and Japan. After that, company published the game “Word Hunters” ranked in “the most popular games” list in the puzzle & word categories and now company started to attract attention by focusing on to the hyper casual games. Moreover,company succeeded to cooperate with more than 10 largest game publisher studios in the world with the 4 hyper casual games “Skate!, OctoJump, Egg Farmer and” they developed in a short time. Studio Billion tests its games with the publisher studios in the USA market and also the company is planning to publish 2 new different hyper casual games which is called “Jump Punch” and “Bouncy Soccer”.

Main target is to become a mobile game factory

Studio Billion which established in Istanbul by the 3 young entrepreneurs and achieve to gain a different perspective to the mobile game sector received the first investment from Tarvenn Ventures last year. The new generation mobile gaming company,which has managed to reach millions of players from various countries by the games they have published, aims to expand its portfolio and to get up its successes in the international area with the received follow-on investment from Tarvenn. They are planning to develop at least 3 mobile games per month to be able to become a mobile game factory with more than 40 games in portfolio at the end of the year 2020 with their powerful team.

“We want to become one of the leading companies for mobile gaming in the world”

The young entrepreneurs “Ümit Aparı,Ömer Aslan and Eşref Bektaş” who created Studio Billion underlined that “We are proud to improve Studio Billion which we established as 3 friends. In short time,we managed to expand our team and achieved to cooperate with the world leading mobile game publishers. We are so glad to receive a second investment from our first investor and teammate “Tarvenn Ventures”. We are going to reach our targets as fast as possible thanks to Tarvenn Ventures. They’ve been believing us and making the all aspects of contributions since the first day we have started to operate. We also appreciate the BTM which we are included in throughout this beautiful journey.”
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