Tarvenn Ventures which attracts attention with the funds it manages and its extensive team, announced 2020 data

Tarvenn Ventures invested in 18 startups in 2020 and it will continue to invest in next year

Tarvenn Ventures became one of the most popular investment firm in 2020 by investing in 18 startups and establishing new funds such as TechOne, WePlay and Twozero.

Tarvenn is an investment firm that focuses on supporting and investing startups with its extensive team. Tarvenn has an 457 million TL total investment size with 3 new funds established in 2020, and it will continue to invest in early-stage globally focused technology startups.

Tarvenn Ventures which most active and popular investment company in 2020, leads 457 Million TL investment size with its investment and operated funds such as TechOne, WePlay Ventures which launched for investing in early-stage gaming startups and Twozero Ventures. With the investment funds managed and operated by Tarvenn Ventures; Yollando, Finedine, Studio Billion, Scoutium, Madcraft Studios, Medialyzer, Digime, Moovbuddy, Ekmob, Fideyo, Sertifier, Anibera, Pixa Software, Wask, Radaar, Forfarming, Gnarly Game Studio and Funmoth Games startups closed their investment rounds in 2020. Tarvenn has successfully completed total 18 new investment rounds.

Tarvenn’s portfolio grow

The growth rates of the startups in Tarvenn’s portfolio are remarkable. Startups that are mostly at an early stage have more than 270 employees. 88% of these startups successfully completed their follow-up investments and increased their company valuation with considerable multipliers. In addition, the startups increased the number of customers by 350%while increasing their revenues by 380% in 2020

Portfolio aim to achieve global success

The startups that continue to grow globally, aim to become leader in the global market with their technologies. Generally Tarvenn’s portfolio startups launched in Turkey but now 76% of the startups operates in abroad and they have legal entity and office in mainly United States and abroad. %84 Portfolio companies sell to more than 150 countries and their revenue is foreing currency. This data demonsrate us the economic impact of the the technology startups for Turkey.

312 hoursupport for each startups with 25 professional in a month

Tarvenn Ventures remarks the smart money model, provides an average of 312 hourssupportper month for each startups with more than 25 professional. Tarvenn Team works with founders on many areas such as business development, financial planning, new customer acquisition, product development and international growth.This model allows startups to grow much faster.

CEO of Tarvenn and Managin Partner of TechOne and WePlay Mustafa Kopuk said;“The most valuable asset is time for seed-early stage startups. They must overcome all the obstacles that they face and grow fast with limited resources. As Tarvenn, we are more like a teammate than an investor, with our portfolio and experienced team. We are one of the best examples of the Operational VC model in our country. We work every day for the growth of startups with our experienced team. “


Mustafa Kopuk said; “ We had an efficient year despite the pandemic. As Tarvenn, we established new funds as an investor and operational partner. We are operational partner of TechOne VC, WePlay Ventures and Twozero Ventures. With the different investment tools that we have, we can invest in startups from pre-seed to growth. We will continue to work for the development of the startup ecosystem in our country and to create global success stories by expanding our team and portfolio.”


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