TechOne invested in 15 startups in 2021!

In 2021, TechOne Venture Capital invested in a total of 15 startups, 11 of which are new!

The TechOne team reviewed 10,290 startups in 1 year, conducted 1,924 online interviews, and conducted deep dives on 150 startups!
The TechOne fund, which started its activities in July 2020 with a size of 300 million TL, continued its investments in 2021 and added Sorwe, VRLab Academy, AloTech, ULive, Tridi, Livad, ForFarming, Cognitiwe, Modanisa, Inooster, and Evreka to its portfolio, respectively. The TechOne team has increased the number of startups in its portfolio to 20 in one and a half years and made an follow-on investment in 4 portfolio startups. The TechOne team conducted 1,924 interviews screening more than 10,000 startups in 1 year, aims to reach 50 startups by continuing to invest in technology startups that can compete in the global market. Currently, 20 active portfolio companies employ more than 1,300 people, and 85% of these enterprises have offices abroad. Portfolio enterprises are growing by an average of 5.5 times annually, while 92% of their total turnover comes from the global market.

TechOne will rapidly continue its investments in 2022!

TechOne, which makes its investments with a Smart Money Model, with its extensive team of more than 30 people, in addition to financial support for the startups in which it is an investor, also offers much strategical support. A team that positions itself as a teammate and offers support to startups on issues such as strategy, finance, and business development from an early stage, aims for startups to grow much faster and become one of the key players in the global market. Within the targets of 2022, there are plans to increase the number of investments to 35 and to keep global revenues at the invested companies at a high level.

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