The Next Generation Software For Digital Marketing, WASK Raised an Investment of 2.4 Million USD

WASK, creates better results by automating the digital marketing process for advertisers. In the Investment Round lead by Eksim Ventures alongside TechOne VC, Logo Ventures, Technology Development Foundation of Türkiye (TTGV), APY Ventures and Türkiye Development Fund, WASK received a total of 2.4 million USD.

WASK, which enables advertisers to manage their Facebook, Google, Youtube and Instagram ads from a single platform, smarter and more efficiently without the need for any technical knowledge; received an investment of 2.4 Million Dolars from Eksim Ventures, TechOne VC, Logo Ventures, Technology Development Foundation of Türkiye (TTGV), APY Ventures and Türkiye Development Fund who all participated in the investment round. WASK, which has over 6 thousan subscribers in more than 120 countries such as the United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Argentina, and Spain. WASK with its new investment is preparing to offer and launch a digital marketing experience giving its users much more comprehensive and smarter solutions with the 3rd version of its software.

WASK Aims to Grow Aggressively with the New Version of the Software

Utilizing its artificial intelligence supported software, WASK analyzes the behavior of visitors on websites and mobile applications, allowing its users to reach more potential customers and the most accurate target audience with lower budgets. It has been integrated with many platforms such as Facebook, Google, Shopify, WordPress, Mailchimp, Woocommerce. WASK has increased its revenue 4 times and expanded the team to 32 people since its investment round last year.

WASK with this investment round, will analyze the visitors on the websites or mobile applications of the advertisers with the smart algorithms it has developed in the new version it will offer to its users, and it will give automatic outputs to increase the efficiency of the campaigns. Through this, WASK will offer its users the opportunity to easily interpret conversion data, automatically identify conversion-oriented target audiences for remarketing campaigns, and reduce the effort and time spent by advertisers in marketing processes. WASK aims to reach 15 thousand subscribers within 1 year by establishing direct sales teams in emerging markets and expanding its software development team with an aggressive growth in marketing and team expansion.

“We wish to embark on successes that we will be proud of in the Global market.”

Ercan PİLCİOĞLU, founder of WASK stated; “We have achieved a significant global growth with a small team in a short time. We are witnessing that the digital marketing sector, which we are experienced in, is growing rapidly and as it grows, more problems arise in the sector. We take advantage of these opportunities and develop products according to their needs by keeping in touch with our users very often. The demand for our products is increasing day by day and we are solving the problem of more and more advertisers. Since the first day of our establishment, together with my entire team, we have built significant milestones in this journey. Although we have reached a serious position globally, we are still at the beginning of the road. We know that we have a long way to go. Having investors who believe in our team, our business model and our future increases our appetite even more. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our current and new investors wholeheartedly.”

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