Venture Capital Fund Management

If you want to create a strong clients by finding and investing in visionary startups, establish your venture capital funds to make high profits. We are aware it is a difficult process to search, find, examine, select, and make agreements with the best startups amongst thousands. Also the need to follow up and support those startups that you have invested in. Following up on your investment to be sure they are growing rapidly. In this challenging journey, we handle everything for your venture capital funds. We manage all your operations while you are following the financial performance and processes of your fund.

We search, find, negotiate, and manage promising startups for you with our experienced team and extensive network. We manage all the operations end-to-end and ensure you scale your clients in the fastest way.

We review more than 20.000 startups annually and have at least 50 face-to-face and online meetings every month on your behalf. According to your investment criteria, we recommend you the best. When you make an investment decision, we manage all legal and financial processes for you. So, we save you from additional costs. We reduce your risk by applying professional Due Diligence for each startup candidate before investing. In addition, we manage the negotiation process on your behalf and ensure you make discounted investments or get more shares by highlighting the Smart Money model.

Whatever you need for your venture capital fund, we provide it for you as a professional service with our international experience and extensive network.

Venture Capital Funds We Operate

The services we offer in the scope of
Venture Capital Fund Management

Pre-Investment VC Fund Management

Establishment of the VC Fund

Covers the brand name work, for the newly established fund and the follow-up as well as completion of all transactions (contractual, legal, financial) in the fund establishment processes.

Creation of the VC Fund's Corporate Identity

Covers the processes of establishing the corporate identity by determining the corporate colors and logo of the newly established fund and creating digital channels, managing all communications on your behalf.

Developing the VC Fund's Website

Includes the process of preparing the design and contents for the website of the fund with the new logo in accordance with the corporate identity and colors, getting the website up and live, hosting, SEO, and marketing studies.

Preparation of the VC Fund's Promotion and Marketing Documents

Covers the process of opening social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin) accounts in accordance with the corporate identity of the fund, creating social media content, and drafting banners and visuals.

Establishment of the VC Fund's Advisory Board

Inclusion of Advisory Board members who are experienced in the fields in which the fund invests and can support the fund.

Creation of the VC Fund's Investment Strategy

Covers the process of determining the investment focus of the fund, determining the strategy of investment processes, and creating a roadmap.

Budget-Actual Tracking of the VC Fund, Cash Flow Control and Reporting

Includes the collection of the fund’s existing financial reports (trial balance, subsidiary, income statement), preparation and reporting of the next one and five-year forecast documents, and then sharing them with the investors in the deep dive process.

Reaching Potential Investors (Limited Partners) Who Can Invest in the VC Fund

The fund’s investment strategy includes reaching potential investors with the prepared documents and producing future plans, holding online or face-to-face meetings, and by the means of negotiating with investors.

Coordination of New Investors to Be Included in the VC Fund

Includes transmitting the documentation prepared to the investor who will be included in the fund, informing and following up on the capital calling transactions, forwarding the documents to be signed for review, supporting and following up during the said process, and planning the investment closing process.

Preparation of the VC Fund's New Investor Contracts

Covers the preparation process of contracts that include the indication of the general rights to be signed between the fund and the investor, the decisions on the management of the fund, the decisions and support articles taken for the management of the fund, and the rights received or given for the closing and after.

Preparation of the VC Fund's Investor Information Content

Covers the preparation process of strategic and financial documents that include summary information about the fund, metrics, and post-investment targets.

Preparation of the VC Fund's Share and Shareholder Agreements

Covers the contractual process which is to be signed between the Fund and all investors, and also includes the management decisions regarding the general fund operation, the rights to be taken, and the management rights.

Preparation of the VC Fund's Investor Presentation

Covers the preparation process of the presentation, in which the investment strategy and objectives of the fund are explained, financial targets, KPIs and roadmap are explained, and all processes after the investment and team are included.

Creating and Updating the VC Fund's Data Room

Covers the service of storing and updating all the documents of the fund in the Cloud environment that can be accessed online.

Cooperation with Institutions and Organizations in the Startup Ecosystem

Includes the organization of meetings and possible cooperation meetings with the institutions that will benefit the invested startup and the process of the agreement.

Direct access to over 100 Partners, Universities, Programs, Mentors and Firms

Includes the support of team and institutions with whom we work closely and with whom we have partnership relations, creating extra channels for the growth of ventures to be invested and reaching new customers, and establishing connections with all requested countries and customers.

Post-Investment VC Fund Management

Scouting Startups in Investment Focus

Applications, scouting, events, social channels, the Technoparks where the startups take place, the acceleration center, etc., includes the process of finding, analyzing, and listing the startups that are suitable for the investment focus and strategy.

Shortlisting Scout List and Conducting 1st Meetings

Includes the detailed examination of the startups scouted in accordance with the investment strategy according to certain criteria, the creation of a shortlist by separating the startups according to the criteria, and the organization of acquaintance meetings by communicating.

Documentation of Startups and Organizing Meetings with GPs and the Investment Committee

Includes the process in which draft documentation for the startups that have had a positive first meeting is requested, market and competitor analysis for those startups are conducted and a meeting with GPs and the Investment Committee is organized after the startup is deemed to be investable.

Conducting Product Reviews and Customer Interviews

Includes the process of experiencing the product on the demo account, performing the necessary investigations and reporting, further communicating with the existing customers and taking their opinions about the product and the team.

Due Diligence

Covers the process of obtaining technical, financial, and legal details and documents by performing a detailed analysis of the startups and evaluating whether the investment would yield positive or negative.

Management of Negotiation Processes

The process in which current valuation and investment amount are decided for the startups that are to be invested the most appropriate scenario is determined and the decision is clarified.

Preparation and Reporting of Selected Startups for The Investment Committee

Covers the process of preparing an investment memorandum, sharing it with the members of the investment committee, and organizing the meeting, by combining all research and studies on the startup to be invested in.

Investment Committee Meeting

Includes the process of bringing together the startups to be invested in with the team on the investment committee and supporting the investment decision by sharing the information obtained during the process with the committee members.

Preparation of Share and Shareholder Agreements and Process of Capital Call

Startups with a positive investment process include the preparation of the Share and Shareholders Agreement to be signed between the Company and the investors in a way that the Company will have the most correct rights, finalizing it with other investors, managing the approval process, completing the signatures and the process of a capital call.

Completion of General Assembly Transactions with Operational Partner Firm

Covers the process of preparing the general assembly documents, sending them for approval and completing the closing procedures, with the support of the partner company, of the startups to be invested in.

Onboarding Processes of Invested Startups

Service of introducing the investment startups with the partners and providing benefits to the startup. Cooperation Opportunities with more than 50 partners from accounting to human resources, from digital solutions to grant and incentive consultancy, from AWS server loans to wellness services.

Support for Invested Startups with Smart Money

Includes providing support to startups in the fields of business development, sales strategies, marketing strategies, law, finance and weekly mentoring meetings with experienced team members.

Preparation of Follow-up Mechanisms of Investments

Includes the determination of regular weekly and monthly follow-up mechanisms for startups, and regular monitoring of KPIs, financial information and processes.

Supporting Growth Strategies of Invested Startups

Includes the creation and implementation of necessary growth strategies with experienced team members so that startups can scale in local and global markets and increase user acquisition and revenue.

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