Venture Capital Training Program for Corporates

We support you in gaining a competent investor identity and managing successful investment structures.

If your company aims to embrace innovation and adapt to innovative technologies more closely, we are here for you, drawing from our rich knowledge and experiences acquired through investments, startups we’ve backed, our extensive business network, and the strategic partnerships we’ve established.

We share these experiences with organizations planning to establish Venture Capital (VC) and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) structures, as well as those seeking to better manage their existing venture capital funds through theoretical insights and practical training.

With the assistance of our expert team, experienced in various fields, you can access all the necessary knowledge and experience in the VC and CVC management. Through the training sessions, seminars, and workshops we organize, we help you navigate these intricate areas successfully. Moreover, during our training program, your team members have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they acquire practically, working on real scenarios and processes, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the concepts and delving into the inner workings of the field.

Leveraging our investor experience gained from managing multiple investment structures in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we offer you a fresh perspective to discover early-stage ventures with global scaling potential. Our goal is to assist you in strategically managing the investment process. We work collaboratively to keep you up-to-date with technology trends and startups.

For corporate investors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we organize training sessions and seminars tailored to their needs. These initiatives are designed to guide you toward a successful investment journey. With the support of our expert mentors and key stakeholders in the Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, we enable you to select high-potential startups and build a strong, strategic portfolio.
We are here to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and vision necessary to support your future technology investments and growth. We take pride in providing you with the tools and insights required to gain a competitive advantage and lead in the technology sector.

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Case Studies

Our Training Topics

⦁ Local and Global Startup-Investment Ecosystem
⦁ Startup Investment Structures and Strategic Processes
⦁ End-to-End Investment Processes
⦁ Startup Valuation Techniques and Valuation Approaches
⦁ Startup Evaluation Processes and Metrics
⦁ Things to Consider When Investing in Tech Startups
⦁ Market and Competitor Analysis Techniques and Importance
⦁ Agreements in Investment Processes
⦁ Portfolio Management and Risk Analysis
⦁ Investment Tracking and Management
⦁ Investor’s Post-Investment Role and Follow-up Process
⦁ Investor and Founder Relations

Venture Capital Training Benefits

Strategic Guidance: Strategic knowledge in the areas of VC and CVC Management will provide you with the ability to make effective decisions in your company’s innovation journey.

Technology Innovation: By learning the latest technology trends and innovative solutions, you can gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead in the market.

Network and Collaborations: With our extensive business network and relationships with industry leaders, you can open doors for collaborations and new opportunities.

Risk Mitigation: With professional Due Diligence processes, you can minimize your investment risks and make reliable investment decisions.

Practical Skills: With workshops and case studies, you can improve your business results by enabling your team to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

Competitive Advantage: By learning the best practices in VC and CVC, you can make your company or investment structures more competitive.

Customized Solutions: We can offer solutions for your organization’s specific needs with custom and personalized training content.

Leadership and Vision: You can develop the leadership skills and expand your vision to lead in the VC and CVC world.

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