Visual Analysis and Artificial Intelligence solution Cognitiwe, raised an investment of $605.000

Cognitiwe, which offers solutions to the retail and production sector with artificial intelligence supported image processing technology, raised an investment of $605.000

Cognitiwe focuses on production and retail vertical and provides advanced technology services in areas such as quality control and smart stock tracking with artificial intelligence supported image processing application; raised an investment of $605,000 in an investment tour lead by TechOne VC with the participation of StartersHub, Startup Wise Guys and EGIAD Angels.

“Cognitiwe reduces possible risks and costs by producing high-tech solutions for manual operations”

The artificial intelligence-based video analysis and image processing technology is developed on the Cognitiwe Unified Vision platform.That means; It is possible to analyse images from existing IP cameras with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning without any need of hardware investment. It provides the opportunity to automate all processes in the production sector, such as quality control, stock tracking, employee health or workplace safety. On the retail side, not only the products on the shelves, but also the display stock of unpackaged products such as fruits and vegetables can be monitored real time and the freshness of the products can be reported instantly.

‘We will be the market leader!’

Founders; Atilla Algan and Mete Bayrak are aiming to become the market leader of artificial intelligence supported image processing technologies in the Middle East, Africa and Europe region primarily. Unified Vision concept that developed by Cognitiwecombines image processing outputs and data from IOT systems, processes it with a deep learning infrastructure, detects and warns error points before problems occur with its preventive control modeland produces predictions for stock planning.
Founder Attila Algan stated that the platform they developed has important innovations and differs from the other image processing applications that are still widely used. He says that they offer alternative solutions for issues such as quality control in production and stock management in retail without the need for high cost equipments. Cognitiwe Unified Vision platform will be availablewith a cost-effective and Saas structurefor small and medium-sized companies after the investment.


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