VRLab, enables scientific experiments to be carried out with virtual reality technology, raised an investment with a valuation of $3M

VRLab Academy, which develops scientific experiments with virtual reality, raised its second investment

Ensure that laboratory experiments on scientific subjects are carried out with virtual reality technology VRLab Academy raised an investment fromTechOne, Lima Ventures, hiVC, Ersin Pamuksizer, Ahmet Bilgen, Koray Gültekin Bahar and İzzet Halyo with a valuation of 3 Million Dollars.It works with real scientific formulas on subjects from secondary education to university undergraduate courses and comes to the fore with the opportunity of recordable data.Offering more than 70 different experiments in 8 different science categories, the VRLab Academy is constantly updated with different category and experiment software. Founded by Gürcan Demirci, VRLab Academy offers the opportunity to experiment in a digital environment without limitation.

Competitive Advantage with VRLab

VRLab Academy offers the opportunity to work on experiments with virtual reality technology, to experience fully equipped laboratories, to prevent physical, chemical or biological waste with experiments using only computers and VR glasses without the need for complex equipment.

“We want to be the leader Edtech platform in the globalmarkets”

VRLab Academy makes it possible to try the world’s most advanced experiments online .Gürcan Demirci, founder of VRLab Academy, said “While we have grown 10 times in the last 1 year, we have reached laboratory experiments for 4 differentcurriculum in 27 different countries. With this investment tour, we aim to grow in European and American markets and we want to be a leader EdTech platform in the global markets.


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