Wask which provides smarter management of all digital advertising accounts from a single platform is growing globally

Wask that manages digital advertising accounts from a single platform spread to 30 countries

Wask that provide to manage all adsin different accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Google from a single platform more efficiently thanks to its Artificial Intelligence supported and cloud based software ensure to gain more customersby reducing marketing expenses. Wask which received an investment from Tarvenn Ventures in October 2018 has reached the customers who pay from 30 countries in only 2 months. Wask provides smart advertise management with the features such as autopilot, scheduler, budget management and performance comparison while providing to manage all different advertising accounts from a simple platform.

One simple platform for all ads accounts

Wask provides to track and manage Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads from a single platform.Users can easily manage their advertising accounts from a single screen by connecting them into the Wask platform with just one click.Users who have no ads accounts can create a new account in seconds through Wask platform.Wask allows users to track data of all their ads accounts instantly on a single screen with its simple and user-friendly interface. Thanks to Wask’s artificial intelligencesupported and cloud-based solution, Wask provides more efficient management of digital ads from all devices and enables all transactions to be performed easily by spending less time with tools such as budget management, autopilot, scheduler, automatic reporting and performance comparison.

Perfect target audience with Artificial Intelligence

Users can create perfect target audienceswith Wask’s advanced AI technology. The best target audience for your ads is determined in seconds to increase advertising efficiency after getting some information such as sector, sub-sector, business model and targeted country. In this way, users spend less money and earn more customers.In addition, the platform determines a score for each advertisement with artificial intelligence toprovide easy monitoring of advertising efficiency.

Make your advertises smarter with unique features

Wask provide to manage all ads on a single platform, while making them much smarter with unique features. While inefficient advertisesare stopped with tracking instantly by “AutoPilot”, userscanstart or stop advertises automatically with creating tasks to a specificied date by “Scheduler”. Users can monitor ads which is more efficient by comparing the performances with “Performance Comparison”. Thus, Wask offers easy budget management while both saving time and money. Wask is reaching users from many different sectors from e-commerce to agencies,corporate companies to mobile application developers and guarantee to increasetheirnumber of customers 3 times more with up to 70% less expenditure.

“We are preparing to become a global player”

Founder of Wask Ercan Pilcioğlu; “Wask started as a digital tech consultancy platform and we started to do good work with a small team. Then Tarvenn Ventures invested us and they have supported us all time. The digital consulting service that is a basis of our old business model showed market requirements. We have noticed the need, lack and huge demand in the field of digital advertising in this process. Two months ago, we pivoted our business model and turned Wask into an AI supporteddigital advertising management platform. The next process went far beyond our dreams. We have reached thousands of users from 30 different countries. We brought forward our USA journey that we had planned to start in the second half of 2020 and we are preparing to become a global player by moving some of our operations to USA. I would like to thank the Tarvenn team and Mustafa Kopuk who have always been with us in this process. They work with us as sweating and becoming a team-mate more than investor.I believe that we will achieve our goals in less than a year.” said.

Visit www.wask.co to review Wask and manage your digital ads easier and smarter from a single platform.

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