Yollando.com, an Istanbul-based startup which offers shopping and packet forwarding services from Turkey to the world has received funding from Tarvenn Ventures

Easy shopping and packet forwarding service from Turkey to the world startup Yollando.com, has received its first investment at a valuation of 2.5 million TL

Yollando.com, the startup that facilitates shopping from Turkey to all the shoppers around the world in a cheap, fast and secure way has received smart money investment with 2.5 million TL valuation.

Yollando offers a variety of services such as “Buy it for me”, “Package consolidation”, “Packet tracing”, “Reverse packet forwarding” and “Discount packet forwarding”. Online shopping made through Yollando.com provides lower cost rate of transfer abroad of the products, a discount rate which reaches up to 80 percent. The services they offer allow e-commerce sites in Turkey to make selling abroad and so far more than 40 e-commerce sites and Instagram sales pages are using Yollando as their intermediary.

Mediated over 2,000 transactions from customers in 40 countries

“So far, we have served over two thousand shopping transactions from the customers in 40 countries. With the support of Tarvenn, we aim to reach more countries and customers by becoming financially and operationally stronger. Thanks to Tarvenn’s support and its international connections, we will speed up marketing activities and along with corporate partnerships we will contribute to the increase of the international sales of Turkish brands.” stated Yollando.com CEO, Mr. Güvenkaya.

Eser Erkan, a shareholder of Yollando.com, stated that they are aiming to establish new partnerships by making progress in operational processes with the investment from Tarvenn and they increase the access of foreign customers to the Turkish brands and products from all around the world.

“Yollando will have a great success”

Tarvenn CEO Mustafa Kopuk stated that with the value-added services Yollando provides and its scalable business model, Yollando will have a great success. “Yollando also plays a crucial role in increasing revenue for Turkish e-commerce websites. We aim to increase the domestic and international strategic partnerships and create brand awareness in our target countries. Rather than an investor, we will continue to work with Serdar and Eser as a teammate to reach our common goal which is Yollando’s success.’’
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