Yollando.com has sent products to 71 different countries from Turkey.

Yollando.com; which provides shopping and package forwarding services from Turkey to world, has mediated more than 21.000 shopping by shipping to 71 countries.

Yollando.com offers shopping and package forwarding services, allowing users whom live in abroad to make their shopping experience easy for all e-commerce sites by defining a delivery address in Turkey. To increase the value-added services to its users in different countries of the world; Yollando offers a variety of services such as “Buy For Me, Package Consolidation, Storage, Package Tracking and Discounted Package Forwarding”. Due to the package optimization service, shipping costs discount up to 80 percent through online shopping via Yollando.com. The startup which contributes to Turkey’s E-exporting with its advanced software and extensive services, aims to become the leader shopping and package forwarding service in the region.

Yollando.com has sent products to 71 different countries by mediating more than 21.000 shopping

After receiving its first investment from Tarvenn Ventures on March 2018, Yollando.com has increased its revenues by 5 times and enabled its users in 71 different countries to shop from Turkey. Yollando’s founder Serdar Güvenkaya said that “Turkey’s e-commerce sector has a huge potential to expand to foreign countries. We solve problems that people who want to shop from Turkey may experience during their shopping process as international delivery, extortionate products prices, high shipment costs and invalid payment methods.” Güvenkaya also wanted to emphasize on their “Buy for Me” service by stating “with ‘Buy for Me’ service, users can have the products without losing any time by forwarding the link of the product which they want from Turkey. We keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level the service as we offer in 5 languages. With the software we developed; we were able to send thousands of products from Turkey to the world.”

Yollando.com will continue to grow with its renewed software

After seed investment, Yollando.com has moved to its new office and renewed its software. Now Yollando aims to give its users a different e-commerce experience. With its superior software and newly implemented Yollando Shop service, it will allow its members from all over the world to make fast and easy shopping from Turkey. Yollando.com helps local companies with their brand awareness and gives them the opportunity to expand to the overseas market as well as managing sales and shipping operations from end to end with Yollando Shop, with the additional services it provides, it will also provide cost advantages to users and sellers. Güvenkaya, who stated that they are aiming to complete their new investment tour this year, said they will accelerate operations and marketing activities and mediate an annual exchange of $ 100 million within 3 years.
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