About Us

We serve corporate and individual investors who want to build on their Venture Capital funds and help the founders who raise investment for their startups with our long-term experience across over 20 countries in Europe, also USA and Turkey. We have $125M in assets under management across multiple funds. We touched more than 80 startups and managed more than 210 investment rounds. We believe that today’s innovative technologies will be shape tomorrow and we support to all participations of this revolution with our sector agnostic know-how, global vision and international network.


Under Asset Management

We build and manage across multiple venture capital funds in the Netherlands and Turkey.

Startups We Touched

We are working with multi-sectoral
technology startups.


Investment Rounds We Managed

We lead investment rounds from
pre-seed to growth stage.

Our Values

Experienced Team

We value different perspectives, which means working with team of all ages, educational and professional backgrounds.

Creating Value Approach

We provide operational support in this way accelerate startups fundraising and venture capital funds management process.

Multisectoral Investment Experience

We execute startups fundraising process with our collective investment management experiences in different areas.

Local Access and Know-How

We offer regional coverage with local access and know-how in different countries for venture capital funds and startups.

Global Network Support

We support the venture capital funds and the startups with our wide investor clients and partnerships in the global.

Rapid and Agile Management

We create a rapid and agile investment structure in all for VC funds management and startups fundraising process.