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We manage venture capital funds and serve technology startups to raise investment with our experience.

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We build and manage across multiple venture capital funds in the Netherlands and Turkey.

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We are working with multi-sectoral
technology startups.


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We lead investment rounds from
pre-seed to growth stage.

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We serve corporate and individual investors who want to build on their Venture Capital funds and help the founders who raise investment for their startups with our long-term experience across over 20 countries in Europe, also USA and Turkey. We have $125M in assets under management across multiple funds. We touched more than 80 startups and managed more than 210 investment rounds. We believe that today’s innovative technologies will be shape tomorrow and we support to all participations of this revolution with our sector agnostic know-how, global vision and international network.

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Everyone has goals. We help you create and implement an efficient action plan to achieve them.
Venture Capital Fund Management
Serving end-to-end operation to build and manage venture capital funds.
Investment Consultancy for Startups

Helping the startups to raise investments from zero to unicorn.

Corporate Innovation Program Consultancy

Supporting to innovation program of your corporate.

Accelerator Program Consultancy

Helping to select and develop successful business ideas.

Venture Capital Training Program for Corporates

Empowering Your Investor Identity and Investment Success.

Venture Capital Fund Management for Corporates

Serving end-to-end operation to build and manage corporate venture capital funds.

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Experienced Team

We value different perspectives, which means working with team of all ages, educational and professional backgrounds.

Creating Value Approach

We provide operational support in this way accelerate startups fundraising and venture capital funds management process.

Multisectoral Investment Experience

We execute startups fundraising process with our collective investment management experiences in different areas.

Local Access and Know-How

We offer regional coverage with local access and know-how in different countries for venture capital funds and startups.

Global Network Support

We support the venture capital funds and the startups with our wide investor clients and partnerships in the global.

Rapid and Agile Management

We create a rapid and agile investment structure in all for VC funds management and startups fundraising process.

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A venture capital fund is an investment fund run by venture capitalists on behalf of investors. Venture capital funds invest in a portfolio of companies with strong growth potential. These investments are high risk, but have the potential for a high returns. In addition to providing capital, venture capitalists often provide additional value to assist the company in meeting its goals. A typical venture capital fund has a lifespan of 10 years. At the end of this period, the fund liquidates and money returns to investors.

In most cases, venture capital firms rely on networking to find companies to invest in. Venture capitalists network with service providers, industry experts, and colleagues to learn about potential opportunities. These prospects submit applications for venture capital. This pipeline of applications is known as a firm's "deal flow."

Depending on the stage of the company, its prospects, how much is being invested, and the relationship between the investors and the founders, VCs will typically take between 5% and 20% of a new company's ownership.

Limited Partners (LPs) are investors in your fund that provide capital. The most common types of LPs are high net worth individuals, pension funds, family offices, and corporates – just to name a few.

Consequently, fund managers should aim to have 20 – 30 LPs in their funds to run an efficient fundraising process.

A General Partners (GPs) is a manager of a venture fund. They may be a partner at a large VC firm or investment management firm.

There’s a simple truth about successful fundraising – it’s not just about the money. It’s about the other ways an investor (depending on their type and the way you define their role) could support, engage with and influence your business. As a growing startup looking for new opportunities to scale and explore new markets, having an engaged and supportive investor may be absolutely what you need. A fundraising strategy helps you establish what you need from your investor.

We work with founders to help them raise fund for seed stage, growth stage, and beyond. We do this by designing a comprehensive investment management strategy, introducing relevant investors, and executing successful funding processes.

A strategic fundraising plan is not the pitch you make to potential investors. This is the preparatory work that helps you create that pitch and it will provide clarity – for you and potential investors – about why they should invest in you and what you plan to do with their money.

With the fundraising strategy set (that is, the type of investor you plan to approach) the plan will consider the following additional points:


        Who are you and what do you do?

        What makes you different?

        What problem do your products/services address?

        In what ways will fundraising help you grow?

        How much do you want to raise?

        Why should the investor invest?

Next, you’ll want to develop your plan. Our startup fundraising consultants can help you do that.

If your company has some or all of the qualities listed below, then no it's not hard.


Here is what investors are looking for:


- company revenue projections that are substantial and believable;

- the company is able to potentially reach a large market;

- the founders/the management team is skilled and experienced

This varies greatly depending on the parties and their relationship. Some times its can be extremely quick. Some times it can take a number of months. Negotiations for the term sheet spelling out the major points of the investment can take a number of weeks. After the term sheet is signed due diligence (where the parties make sure that everything is in order) and the drafting of documents takes another few weeks.

In the fundraising process, it is a long-term and difficult process to find investors and determine the business plan and strategy at the same time. Working with a consultant who evaluates from both the investor's and entrepreneur's point of view makes the processes more predictable and faster.