Investment Consultancy for Startups

A great idea alone won’t get you anywhere – you need to get investors, fundraising firms or angels on board. To get startup funding for seed, Series A, and other funding rounds, you must first convince Angel investors or venture capital funds.

Fundraising for startups can be difficult. Yet it is important to fuel your ground-breaking idea since you need capital for your startup to recruit a solid team, rent out an office space, and fund many other aspects of your business. Asking an investment round consultant for guidance with startup fundraising can therefore make the process easier, swifter, and more fruitful.

Our private investment network provides rapid smart capital. Invexen is the startup’s choice for equity funding. As an expert startup funding consultant, we help founders by managing their Pre-Seed, Seed, Growth Stage, and Series A & B funding rounds from our wide investor network of Angels, Family Offices, VCs, and other funding sources.

We aim to back the most innovative technology from Turkey, Eastern Europe, and the USA, mainly B2B SaaS, Deep Tech, Gaming, and Web3 startups, helping them become disruptive companies with our investment consultancy for startups. As a startup funding consultant, we take a comprehensive approach to due diligence for high-quality early-stage investment acceleration.

Whether your startup is at the seed stage or driving towards your Series B – our private and wide network of Angels, Family Offices, VCs, and other funding sources are ready to invest growth capital in your startup. As your investment round consultant, we know what investors are looking for. We will connect you with the right investors to get on board and they invest in your startup.

We make scaling simple. One of the ways we do that is by making it easier to raise investment. And from working out which investment route to take, to establishing your case and preparing the pitch, we help you every step of the way.

Invexen experienced in the fundraising process. We’re veterans of securing startup and growth investment across a wide range of sectors. We’ve secured millions of dollars (Turkish Liras and Euros) worth of investment from multiple investment rounds.

For startups from pre-seed to the growth stage, when you’re preparing to face your potential investors, take us with you.

The services we offer in the scope of
Investment Consultancy for Startups

Get Investor Fit

When raising funds, the pitch is never the place to discover that potential investors feel your financials are unclear and your pitch deck is weak. Fundraising strategic plans, forecasting and valuation; we help ensure your figures are effective and your presentation strong to meet your fundraising goals.

Develop Your Investment Strategy

What’s the proposition? That’s the key to defining a rewarding investment strategy that raises capital for your startup. Everything else – the investors you target, the pitch you present, and the collateral you develop – rely on it. That’s why we work with you to define and refine the proposition before using it to further define investor targets, timelines, exit strategies, and more.

Create Your Investment Assets

A great pitch deck makes your offering beautifully simple yet razor-sharp. Our team combines your strategy, figures, and your existing brand guidelines and product roadmap to help you develop a pitch deck that delivers the long-term vision, ambition, and detail investors expect.

Know Your Numbers

Being secure in your financials isn’t only an essential part of your capital fundraising campaign strategy. It’s vital to be able to maintain investor confidence when they start probing your forecasts and valuation. We produce a detailed financial analysis, financial forecast, metrics and KPI tracking to help you understand the numbers investors need and help you answer their questions with clarity.

Make a Perfect Pitch

A great pitch can work wonders in inspiring investor confidence and excitement in you and your business. That takes practice, so we develop an honest working relationship with you, to provide you with feedback and help you sell your pitch, anticipate questions and prepare answers.

Define the Challenge – and the Opportunity

What funding do you need to raise? What’s the right route to take to raise it? What are the key points of attraction for investors? And how could you make life easier for investors to invest? From valuation to funding route assessment we lay out the roadmap to investment success.

Investor Relationships

We manage your investment round, ensuring you reach the right potential investors and managing the flow of communication to maintain momentum.

Due Diligence

We prepare and support the process of technical, financial, and legal details and documents by performing a detailed analysis of the startups and evaluating whether the investment would yield positive or negative.

Decide and Closing Process

We help you make the right choice for your business with a pool of interested investors to work with. We guide you about the strategic investors that you will decide on during the investment round closing process.

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