TechOne Venture Capital

TechOne Venture Capital is an Istanbul-based Smart Capital Fund that invests in seed and early-stage technology startups with aspirations of becoming a global player through competitive advantages in technology and disruptive business models. Its strength comes from the diversity of our stakeholders and the multi-disciplinary nature of its Team. TechOne provides more than just capital; it brings strategic expertise, connections, mentoring and operational excellence. Leveraging its global financial and strategic network, operating services and strong partnerships with the academia, TechOne focus on being the best partner for founders!

TechOne VC Fund Strategy

Investing in early-stage startups that can compete on a global scale, generate
innovative business models by leveraging the power of technology, and achieve high
exit returns.

Compete through innovative
technology / business model


Local growth and
global scaling


Qualified and harmonious
founding team


Create new markets and
change market dynamics


High exit


International protection
of IP rights


TechOne VC invests in innovative tech startups founded by visionary entrepreneurs solving global problems, to deliver superior returns for its investors. It provides capital, network, strategic, financial and operational expertise and hands-on support to help our founders strive and what it takes for the founders to strive with a team of 30+ full time professionals and more than 100+ strategic partners.

TechOne VC works with extraordinary entrepreneurs as a partner to shape the future together!

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