Turkish startup Sertifier which provides smart certification services received investment from Tarvenn Ventures with a valuation of 1,2 million TL

Sertifier, a blockchain-based startup that provides to design, distribute, archive and query certificates for trainings and events, has received its first investment

Sertifier, which enables certificates to be easily designed and distributed to participants in digital environment, allows organizations to move certification processes on digital platforms. It also enables individuals to share and save their education data via secure platform. With the investment it received from Tarvenn, the startup aims to become a global big-data company where educational data is securely stored, shared and distributed.

Sertifier also uses blockchain technology to ensure that all training information is securely created, distributed and shared for organizations and individuals. Launched with the global market goal, the startup has already distributed more than 25 thousands certificates in 11 countries. It is selected for the 4th period of İşbank’s Workup Entrepreneurship Program in Istanbul. Sertifier aims to get into the global market with the investment it received from Tarvenn.

Design Quickly, Send Digitally!

Sertifier, which allows you to make all kinds of arrangements on your certificates and add your own certificate designs to the system, enables sending approved certificates to thousands of people in a few seconds thanks to the infrastructure it has developed. In this way, it takes the design, printing and shipping processes of paper certificates down to seconds, saving time and money by preventing unnecessary use of papers.

Securely Store and Certificate Query

Sertifier that provides a comprehensive solution for education companies and e-learning platforms also offers many advantages for certificate holders and participants as well as certificate senders. Sertifier stores all the certificates with the blockchain infrastructure on a single platform securely. Certificate holders can share their certificates on their own profiles, and also on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, Sertifier allows instant certificate queries to be made via the system with QR codes and serial numbers placed on each certificate while preventing the use of deceptive certificates. ”Our goal is to be the leader in the digital certification industry“

Arda Helvacılar and Bengisu Doğan, Co-founders of Sertifier, stated that they will continue to expand their business in the global market with the support of Tarvenn Ventures. Bengisu Doğan said “We trust our team. We are the leader of the sector in Turkey. In a short while, we delivered more than 25 thousands certificates in 11 countries and we have obtained 68 corporate clients. With the experience and support of Tarvenn, we want to increase the number of these countries and become a Big Data company that provides millions of people’s educational data safely.”

Arda Helvacılar, co-founder of Sertifier, who stated that they make small and medium education companies’ life easier by the digital solution they offer, emphasizes that they are integrated easily to the existing infrastructures of the big institutions with the API services they have developed. Helvacılar added “Sertifier has more successful designs and interface than its competitors. Also, we can respond to all certification requirements with our corporate solution. Our goal is to be the leader in the smart certification field by using these advantages.”

”We want to reach 55 countries by the end of the year“

Mustafa Kopuk, CEO of Tarvenn Ventures, stated that the digitalization in the education sector has been increased day by day and Sertifier offers great convenience for the sector. Mustafa Kopuk said, “Learning industry is digitalizing all over the world and the importance of EdTech startups are increasing. Sertifier ease certification processes for the institutions and with its verification and sharing features it provides solution to a significant deficiency in the sector. We want to reach 55 countries by the end of the year by achieving rapid growth in the global market.”

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